Monday, September 17, 2007

Super Chichi

Exactly one week ago, 10th of September, I had a super dinner with my friends at Dencio's in Paseo Center. It was a super treat from Chichi who just came back from UK deployment. She is working in Rivereo Inc. Ibyang and Sonny were also there and we had a night of food festivities and fun! We ordered Kare-Kare, Tuna Sisig, Tortang talong with crabmeat (yun nga b yun?!) and fish lumpia. For our dessert, the three had Buco Pandan and mine was Halo Halo mega! Hehehe...

Chichi was making a lot of "kuwentos" regarding her experience in UK. I think the most important part of the long story was tagging her as "Bagong Bayani", hehehe... She said that there was a woman who was alone travelling back to the Philippines and she was in wheelchair and Chichi had to be a guardian for that lady. I think the story was really cool, helping other Filipinos in times of need. Chichi told us that the woman had a severe tragedy and had to go back home because she can't work anymore. The flow of donations inside the plane back to Manila was really inspiring ha and was really cool. Anyway, it was a great night but the "not so good" side was doing "diet another day"... :>


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