Saturday, September 29, 2007

Training Week

On the third week of September, I attended two trainings in Misys. The first one was about the 'Cash Management' under Tim Rolph and the other was 'Forward Rate Agreement/Interest Rate Swap Deals' under Maddie Chua.

The CM training was took place on the 17th. It started at around 9 in the morning. We had this interesting discussion on the keywords and functions in the word of our software. The functional explanation was quite good, I was impressed with the speaker, he really knew what he was talking about and made a personal touch on the run through of the training.

Each one of us had a computer in front of us so that we can understand more the life of Cash Management. He was in the hurry of the training because he needed to get back to his hotel at 4pm because he must catch a flight to Dubai.

We had our late lunch in Figaro just on the ground floor of the building of the training site. Tim was really funny in making stories about the Filipino dishes that he loved. But the time was running out so it was only a 45 minute lunch and hurried back to the 9th floor for the continuation of the training.

After the quick lunch, the discussion continued. It was more functional side that time. We had to do some exercises regarding the connections of accounts, on how it should be treated and how the CM software played a role on those transactions. Whew! Kinda banking world experience again... Hehehe... We really ran out of time so he left the room at 4pm and the training was done that time but he promised that he will make up the next time he visit the Philippines.
The second training (FRA/IRS Deals) was done last 20th. The topic was very refreshing to me. I was really had no idea on such deals, all I knew was Single and Cross Currency Swap screens... hehehe... Also, most of the screens that was shown was on RPG side but in the end, Ms. Maddie showed the Java screens and alas! I understood more the topic.

The discussion went nice and I was able to grasped some important data and ideas on such kind of transactions. Each features and affected objects were discussed and pointed out the importance of prerequisites maintenance for it. Also, the switchable features became a part of the discussion. Really cool training that it only took place for almost 6 hours... hehehe...


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