Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Fitness First Branches Tour (Part Two)

1. Robinson's Manila - It was the month of March, my first and last visit to this branch. After a tiring "gimmick" night (Click here to check that out), I had my weekend workout here the next day. At first glance, as in, sobrang laki and so lawak! If I'm not mistaken, this is the biggest Fitness First branch. It has two floors that are so wide! Though the locker room seems to be old, also the shower room, mejo luma yung dating. But the equipments and workout machines were new (I think so). I also like the gym where's the location is inside the mall, it was so convenient.

2. Eastwood - Based on my bestfriend's stories, I think this is the branch where you will see a lot of celebrities. His office is located at Eastwood City and it is so easy for him to do his workout routine in this branch. I go to his gym very often but the experience was really cool. Malaki din sya, I just didn't like the scenery outside the window, Ilog Pasig! Hehehe... But the atmosphere is very refreshing, maliwanag kasi. The only disappointment to me was the sauna bath, ang liit! ang sikip! Also, the locker room, luma na ata yung mga cabinets. But the equipments were almost complete, except sa isang abs machine na hinahanap ko lage. I will make another visit to this branch to check the updates and new happenings...

3. The Fort - This is definitely my favorite branch, so classy... hehehe... I also like the interior design, paikot sya and so wide. The machines were all new and daming cute na girls... hehehe... Medyo masikip nga lang ang free weights area pero madali namang diskartehan. My favorite area was the stretching and abs areas, you will really have a place to make your six pack exercises. The shower rooms were cool naman but the cabinets of the locker room, I think it is an old one.

4. Greenhills - Isang beses pa lang ako nakakapunta dito. It was when I visited my former personal trainor Mawel. He wasn't expecting me to be there, he just had his operation shape up when I arrived there. May utang pa sya saking sessions, hehehe... One thing that I can say about this branch, ganda ng reception area, as in astig. But... the treadmill machines???!!! Ngak, mga luma! Masikip yung entire area for other machines. Also, if you want to drink, you need to go downstairs pa and it is so annoying kung wala kang dalang tumbler or gamit ka ng drinking fountain. But I think I liked the shower room, dami and malinis pa tingnan unlike sa iba na parang di nalilinis, hehehe... I'll make a visit again to this branch to see if there is an improvement.

5. ABS-CBN - It was a workout day with my bestfriend (check this to read more). He was expecting ABS-CBN stars that time but he failed to see even Bentong, hehehe... The place was okay naman, I just didn't like the cycling area because it was an open area! Pag malakas yung sound kelangan mo magtiis sa ingay pati sa sigawan nila. But I like the free weights area, malaki ha and the equipments are in order. The place is also very relaxing maybe because that time, wala masyadong tao and you can use the equipment you want to use. The sauna bath is okay naman and also the shower room, all is well.


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