Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Movie Fest

September was full of great movies and I got the chance to watch four of them!

1. 1408 - At first, I didn't get the story plot. I really didn't understand it. But on the second run, I realized the message of the movie. Not every single thing in this world has an explanation. Sometimes you just have to believe it and be warned by the experiences and events that happened to others. Try to understand the things because it is not always that you have an answer for every questions. Like the lead star (John Cusack), he was not believeing in ghosts until he experienced one. The sound and visual effects were really good, nakakatakot and at the same time, nakakagulat. I also loved the twist of the story and the drama behind a family that is living in sorrow.

2. The Brave One - Whew! I love the plot of this film, REVENGE! This is my favorite plot! hehehe... The movie showed mixed emotions and attack on each scenes. There's a part that was really heart warming, a part where an action must be done to those people who hurt you, a part where sometimes you need to smile. I loved the ending of the movie! That sometimes, you just have to be fair to the other's feelings and it was so greatful to help the one in need even if it is out of legality. I was attached by the actiong prowess of Jodie Foster, galing talaga niya. She is such a versatile actress. Kudos to the director of this movie for bringing out the very best of her.

3. I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry - Really cool film, so funny! The movie showed the ugly and the funny side of being gay. I think the movie also made an attack to the gay icons that were still in the closet. But in totality, the movie was about a father who just wanted to make his children be always at safe through financial stability. Also, it tackles the theme of real friendship, that in everything you do, whether if it is good or bad, there will always be one person that will support you and will make you realize the positive and negative side of your actions. Whew! I just missed my bestfriend! Anyway, for sure you will love this movie and will make you laugh until the end.

4. Resident Evil: The Extinction - Though the movie seems to be short, it was a full packed action film! Still, Mila Jovovich is so hot! Hehehe... The first scene was definitely really hot. I have seen the past two parts and based on the ending on this third part, I think (not sure) that there will be a fourth installment to this series. I loved the part na magugulat ako, napapatayo ako sa upuan... hehehe... The cannibalism scenes were so nakakadiri pero okay lang... Loved the makeup for all the zombies and of course the action scenes made by Mila... I also loved the ending!


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