Saturday, November 3, 2007

At The Thousand Crane

Last 23rd of October, I had an uber sarap dinner with my Fujitsu friends in Thousand Crane located at the Greenbelt. It was a celebration for Ibyang's birthday and a "despedida" party for Allan as he will be leaving for India. Last year, we also celebrated Ibyang's birthday and again, a von voyage celebration but that time it was for Ann who will be out of the country for US deployment. Click here to check that blog entry.

It was a night of fun and healthy eating... Yes! healthy eating. Each one of us had this caserole where we can put the foods we want to heat or to be steamed. It was a Japanese themed place and foods. The food was great! No fried but I had to be very choosy on what food to pick since I'm not allowed to eat seafoods and pork! I had noodles, beef, some vegetables, etc. The setup was really cool but very hot. The smoke coming out from the caserole will blow out to your face if you don't know how to handle such order of eating, hehehe... No fried food! Such a glorious night!

Also present that night was the birthday celebrant's boyfriend Sonny, Ann, Nayds, Tong and Chichi. We made some kumustahans and a lot of good luck greetings to Allan since he will be residing again in India for almost a month. Ann made her kuwentos naman about her experiences in USA, the trips, the shopping and the immigration stories.


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