Saturday, November 17, 2007

Field Trip sa MoA

My officemates and I had this gimmick in Mall of Asia. The call time was 9 in the morning. I decided to go there directly and wait them in Fitness First. They arrived at around 10:30 in the morning... so it was a LONG wait. Hehehe...

We were all 10, based on the pictures above (syempre wala ako, ako yung kumukuha), I was with Topher, Arleen (yes, lalake po sya), Louisa, Shelley, Tammie, Jeph, Harold, Ryan and Emman. Our first stop was inside the mall. We searched for an ATM so that Arleen can withdraw money and the rest of them stayed on a car exhibit. We were all hungry that time so we decided to have our lunch.

We went to what they called as "dampa". We found this cool place called 'Josefinas Garden Grill Paluto". So we contributed 200 pesos each so that the others can go to the market and purchase the foods we want so that the restaurant will cook it for us.

Whew!!! The foods were overflowing. They bought tahong, hipon and fishes. Actually I forgot some of them kasi sobrang dami nga. But the only foods that are allowed to my stomach are fishes... Authentic seafoods??? Naaahhh!!! Di pwede yan. But I enjoyed the lunch! Emman had to leave before we weat because he had this "important" matters with his girlfriend... hehehe... Grabe kakabusog... As in lahat, masarap ang pagkakaluto!

After that uber dami at uber sarap na lunch, we headed to SMX Convention Center to check an IT exhibit called COMDDAP (I.T.'s Your Life)... Harold had to leave that time due to some personal matters but promised to come back. Back to COMDAPP, I think it was an exhibit of technology industry companies showcasing their new line of products and new innovation on their market.

Afterwards, they wanted to enter the carnival but it was only 2:30pm and totally tirik pa ang araw. I decided to make that "papawis" moment inside the gym rather than under the heat of the sun. They had their enjoyable moment inside the carnival and made their way to an all out rides! Then I enjoyed my workout in Fitness First MoA since it was my first time on that branch. It's my 11th branch na nabibisita ko na... hehehe... We met altogeher again at around 6:30pm and Harold came back but Tammie left already dahil naman sa family affairs! We watched the movie "The Game Plan" and afterwards, it was time to go home since we were all tired. It was such a great day! For sure mauulit pa...

More pictures can be seen by clicking here.


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