Friday, November 9, 2007

Halloween Celebration

Last October 26, we had our Halloween celebration in our office. Our department's theme was "Pirate's Hideaway". All of us wore black shirts and put red big handkerchief on our head so that we will look like a pirate... hehehe... We also decorated our area to fit the theme and can you imagine that we were 4th place on the decoration contest?! Besting out almost 20 candidates, hehehe... galing!

We prepared our treasure chest by putting candies on our table. We were all excited to see the children that will come around and make their trick or treat experience. My officemates bought around 4 plastics of candies and we had a taste test on it... hehehe...

When the kids started go around the office, we were all amazed by their costumes that they wore. Most of them were son/daughter of Misys employees. We were all delighted seeing those clothes... nakakatuwa silang makita... ang ku-cute... Gusto ko na ring magkaanak!!! Hehehe...

Then on the 1st of November, together with my sisters and my mother, we went to Pasig Cemetery to make a visit to our dear sister who was with the Lord almost 5 years now. I bought flowers for her.

We prayed for her soul and took konting kainan kahit pang miryenda type lang. Such a sad moment because our father was not around that time but we knew that our dear sister is protecting our father.


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