Sunday, November 11, 2007

Meet My New Friend

Finally, after waiting for one and a half months, my internet connection was fully installed last 3rd of November. Tagal ko kayang nag-antay. It was a data only Globe Broadband na 3Mbps for 1,999 pesos per month. My modem is a WiFi modem, meaning yung mga kapitbahay ko, pwedeng makakonek if they have a WiFi capable device. Ang daya!!! Wala kasing security settings! But at least I can update my blog everyday, hehehe... The blogger site was blocked in the office since July I think. Also, this internet will be very useful in downloading music, tv series and movies... hehehe...

Yes, this little gadget is a new friend of mine. Hehehe... A very good friend. A companion in connecting to the worldiwde web and some naughty acts... Nyahaha...


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