Thursday, November 8, 2007

Mixed Genre

Last month, I was able to watch three movies and I am satisfied naman with these films. Each film has a different genre...

1. Apat Dapat, Dapat Apat (Friends 4 Lyf and Death) - This is such a hilarious movie, though some of the scenes were corny na, still the movie made me laughed out loud. The country's 4 leading comediennes were put together to create a movie that tackles the meaning of true friendship, not only the bonding while living but also in death but in a funny and a comedic way. For me, Wen Deramas is such a good comedy director. The movie somehow touched me on the issue of family responsibilities and obligations. Really cool film and I can say that I enjoyed it.

2. Lust, Caution - At first, I just want to see this film because of the controversial news about the love scenes... hehehe... Yes indeed, the love scenes were superb and uber sa exposure. The lead actress made a total and frontal nudity. But the overall sceenplay is really good. It tackled how can the betrayal and lust be alarming in our lives. We should only trust those person tha we really knew. Also, acting or portraying that you love someone eventhough it is not real is very damaging to yourself. The story is about the student activist who want to caught/kill person who betrayed their beloved country.

3. Stardust - Whew! I love fantasy films... hehehe... It felt like I came back to my childhood days while watching this movie. Nakakaenjoy sya and the special effects were excellent! The story itself is so magical and really entertaining. I love Michelle in that movie! Hehehe... the villainess in her seems to be so natural. I don't know but I just didn't like Claire Danes in that film, siguro di lang sila bagay nung lead actor, hehehe... But overall, I love the film!


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