Saturday, November 3, 2007

My 100th Post

This is the my 100th post! And this will be about Fitness First! Hehehe... Last 28th of October, my bestfriend Ryan and I agreed to have our workout in FF Ortigas in Wynsum Building. I arrived there at past 2pm and did my cardio routine. Best arrived at almost three and I was on my back exercises and he started to warm up.

All in all, I had 6 back exercises. I assisted him on 3 back and bicep exercises. Best was busy doing the picture taking inside the gym... hehehe... But when the climax of the workout came, tumagaktak na ang pawis nya. I had to check on the right weight for him to lift so that his body can adopt easily on the exercises that we are doing. I was doing heavy weights and I have to calculate his ability and it seems na malakas naman sya.

Then came my favorite routine, abs exercises! Hehehe... We did two powerful abs routine and alas! Sobrang nafeel ko ung stretch at muscle pumping sa tiyan ko. I think Ryan also felt the same way. So after that, we headed to sauna then to shower. We parted ways at around 6 in the evening. The workout was really fun and so satisfying kasi kinabukasan sumakit ang likod ko! Hahahah...


Anonymous said...

cool blog!!!
more pictures at

tnx best!!!! til our next workout!!

Anonymous said...

d nako mataba! yey!

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