Sunday, December 23, 2007

November Movies

1. 30 Days of Night (November 1) - The movie theme of this film seems to be very familiar to me. Like Virus, 28 Days Later, etc. Once the vampire suck you on the neck, then you will be infected and become one of them. Then search for another victim and so on... But on the other side, the film is really scary and the ending? Namatay ang bida... hehehe... There were lot of gruesome scenes and it was okay naman. The movie also tackled about friendship and love. It is very rare to find a true friend and once in a blue moon to find the love of your life. Whatever kind of tragedies that you may encounter, still the faith and trust are the most important things.

2. The Game Plan (November 10) - Another comedy film for the entire family. The story is very predictable but the way it was directed... really cool! Never seen 'The Rock' on such performing act. Eventhough the ending is very obvious, still I loved it. hehehe... The lessons learned, you can't have everything and there is some important things that money can't buy. Still, family is the most precious gift that we have. I was also amazed by the performance of the child, so bubby, cute and funny.

3. Hitman (November 23) - Remember the villain from the movie Die Hard 4.0? Well in this movie, he is the lead character. His portrayal is really good, very convincing. His outfit and his body posture, perfect for a hitman. His leading lady is very hot and I'm wondering if he really resisted her in real life... Anyway, I can say that the movie is short but it was still okay. I like the action scenes and it's ending. Also, the bar code tatto on the head seems to be nice and really cool. I'm just wondering if I can do it for the summer look... hehehehe...

4. Beowulf (November 25) - When I saw the trailer of this movie, I have no idea that it was an animated film. Seriously, I was shocked knowing it. Really nice film and the way it was directed and animated, whew! galing! The story is quite interesting and really a movie that you shouldn't miss. Eventhough she was animated, Angelina Jolie is still so sexy.


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