Friday, December 26, 2008

Themes of Action

These four movies are all the same in the manner of action theme, they only differs on how the story, direction and the screenplay were executed to provide a comedy, hard action, suspense, thriller, absurdity and an intelligent era of such genre.

1. Eagle Eye - I found this film very entertaining for a modern day of action movie. But the story, its been done before and is not plausible. It doesn't have an original concept, it was too predictable. The action scenes, on the other hand were great but there are few unnecessary explosions that I thought was not much needed on some of the scenes. Some of the scenes were great, the visual effects were quite interesting and seems like giving you an adrenaline rush. This movie isn't just random action. The scenes were clever and intense, and the plot twists are pretty interesting as well, albeit sometimes corny or like what I said, predictable. I liked it because it has a "sci-fi" theme. On the acting side, I think Shia Lebouf did a nice job, very convincing and with sense of humor. Overall, the movie wasn't that nice or wasn't that bad.

2. Tropic Thunder - Our company rented a whole cinema house for us, they said it was from the teambuilding funds. We watched it in Vivo City. A scrumptiously twisted story with a filthy mix of a controversial comedy equals to Tropical Thunder. Super perfect cast and the script was awesome. I thought it was just a great comedy to begin with but when they started the opening scenes it was just amazing how funny it was. Whew! I loved this film... so hilarious, We laughed 'til our eyes were burning. I think the concept was something new, the actors were great... the best! All of them did a great job. Especially Ben Stiller being the actor, producer and director. What really impressed was the magic on how the comedy was instantiated with action scenes. The explosives were great and the action scenes... although not that impressive, it managed to show the lighter side of an action filled movie.

3. Quantum of Solace - As you all know, I'm a big fan of Bond movie, in short... I loved this film! Hahaha... Daniel returned os 007 and for the second time, impressed me with his portrayal of the famous secret agent. There is something in him that really suits to the role which is more violent and intense. Bond in this storyline explained how he started out and with each move you will see him developing into a more mature and less impulsive character. In this latest 007 film, you have to appreciate the fact that you can actually feel his internal turmoil, his drive and rage. It is perfect in its execution, flawless in its action, sexy in its choice of Bond girls and righteous in its devotion in making an AWESOME Bond spy movie. Kudos also the villain actor, he fits to the role. The action scenes were as usual as heart pumping, you can also see in each fight not some suave, predictable scene but a real struggle. On the screenplay side, the story fits right into ethos of the 21st century - environmental exploitation and government duplicity.

4. Body of Lies - My bestfriend and I watched this movie together, it was our first time watching together here in Singapore. The cast was superb, with lead stars DiCaprio and Crowe, for sure no question on acting performance. They did well and executed it the right way it should be, they did a strong performance. The storyline is really nice and it makes you keep thinking that what's gonna happen next. The story kept you guessing and it was visually gritty and the action sequences were top notch. Body of Lies has its own uniqueness and carries a strong action scenes. I think this is a great movie. I was entertained the entire time, there was thrill, there was suspense, there was compassion, there were thought provoking moments.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bestfriend is in Town!

I picked up my best buddy last November 10, right after my arrival from Indonesia. His arrival was 10 in the morning while mine was 12 noon. So he waited for over 2 hours. The problem that day was that my cellphone was empty battery so I looked for an outlet where I can charge it inside the airport! Hahaha... Luckily, I have found one and met best in McDonald's. Then we headed to my place where we rested for a while and left again to eat dinner and to look for money changer. We went to Orchard and showed him the popular place for Filipinos here... in Lucky Plaza... hahaha... Afterwards, I brought him to his Uncle's place because he stayed there for I think 2 weeks but currently, he is now staying with me in Geylang.

I have accompanied him to several places here in Singapore. We came to National Museum, it was my first time there so I also enjoyed it and learned a bit of information about SG's history. The place was quite cool as it was not crowded that day. Best enjoyed taking pictures, click these links (1,2,3) to see his nice shots. After that tour in museum, we headed to my friend's pool party in Central Grove because she celebrated her birthday. We had our dinner there, hehehe... but we were not prepared to swim as we did not bring any swimming garments. Best also took pictures of the place, take a look here.

Our next trip was in Suntec City, I treated him for a nice Korean dinner. Actually, I was on sick leave that day but I have to go to Suntec to get medical certificate from a clinic there. As usual, he took a lot of pictures again but the fountain that time was not at it's picturesque scene so we decided that we will just return to the place to have a nice and masterpiece photo of the fountain. Check his photos on the Suntec City here.

Singapore zoo was the next place we headed to. It was a free ticket from my housemate's friend. Nakalibre kami ng entrance. I think the news on the White Tiger and Malaysia tragedy was still a big buzz that time. The view for the tiger was closed that moment. But still, we enjoyed "animal seeing" of the place but I am telling you, it was so tiring, puro lakad, para akong nagtreadmill ng 1 hour. Pictures in the zoo can be viewed here. I think we stayed on the zoo for at least 3 or 4 hours then we decided to go home but first, we had dinner in AMK Hub. Best and I separated from them after the dinner because we came back to Suntec City for the night photoshoot of the Fountain of Wealth.

We hurried to Suntec City and best was running that time... nakakatawa mukha nya... When we arrived there, he immediately took out the tripod and his camera and started to photoshoot. I was kinda tired that time so I decided to take a seat and waited for him to finish his job. If you look on his photos here, wow, I think he is really good on the craft of photography... galing... pwede na... hehehe... It was a tiring night so we said goodbyes and parted ways to take a rest after the photoshoot.

Days before I leave for my vacation in Manila, we went to Bugis for a mini shopping. We bought bags and several items that I will bring in Manila. Then we had a merienda on Long John Silvers. After that, I also accompanied him on his Esplanade and Merlion night shots. Whoa! the pictures were great! Though it was a long walking process, I still enjoyed it. Best was so excited with his shots... View his masterpieces here. As of now, I think we are done with the "pamamasyal" mode to concentrate on his job hunting. Currently, he is waiting for a job offer and I'm sure it will be sooner. Good thing bestfriend is in town, someone who I can talk to and share my experiences and sentiments here. As I also lend my ears to listen to all his stories.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lakwatsa sa Indonesia

I had a very short trip in Jakarta last November 8 to 10. I was with Gilyn, Ate Vinia, She and her friend and Kit and his wife. It was a two day visit to Indonesia. Our flight was 7 in the morning and we arrived there past 8am. The first thing that we did was to exchange our SGD to IDR. We directly went to this money changer and left to eat brunch. To my surprise, the money that I was exchanged was short 1 million IDR. I immediately went back to the money changer and thankfully the staff was kind enough to give me correct amount.

We went to Jakarta for two reasons, a short visit in the city and to attend Ate Joie's (our officemate) wedding. We stayed in the groom's house, specifically in his room. After a short lunch, we were immediately picked up by our tour guide. We visited several old houses and some mini attractions. I forgot the specific name of the place but we heard that it was a tourist spot in Indonesia.

Then we went to Museum Fauna Indonesia, it was a reptile zoo here. The main attraction of the site was the komodo dragon. Someone told us that it was the only remaining komodo in Indonesia... we're not quite sure about that.

We also made a visit to their National Monument and National Museum. There were many Indonesians in this place and I think it was like Rizal Park in Manila. Based on the facts, the top spot of the monument was covered by gold... huwaw! Also, we went to the Old Port, it was another tourist spot in the city. I was just disappointed with the smell of the surrounding that time so I was not able to stay outside that long, instead, I stayed inside van. But the view was picturesque , I think the place performed a great part in their history.

After that, we all felt tired and decided to have our dinner. We went to Jimbaran Resto and we had very very nice dinner!!! Our table was filled with great and delicious foods! And that time, I tested my allergy and thank God no allergies were found upon eating calamares! hahaha... The place was really nice, there were people performing music on the stage while we were eating. We were all full and tried to catch other places in the city but we failed to do so. Most of them were closed already so we just went home to rest and prepare for the wedding the next day.

The next day, we prepared for the big day for Ate Joie. We were all busy the entire morning for the full preparation. We left the house at past 12 and the tradition here was that the groom will go to the bride's place to pick her up. So we went to the hotel where Ate Joie was staying. After that we headed directly to the church, I think it was an Adventist church and the ceremony was quite holy, quiet, solemn and full of tears.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception to eat of course... hehehe... I think it was in Jayapura. There was a dancing number presented by the some ladies dressed in their national costume I guess. The tradition here is that when you eat, you have to stand or if you're lucky, you can have a seat for yourself. I think the guest was around 700 but the available seats were around 100 only. Fortunately, we found seats for ourselves. The foods were great, almost complete from appetizer, main course to the dessert. Right after that whole day activity, we went back to the house to rest and prepare to leave Indonesia. Our flight was 6 in the morning so we hurried to the airport the next day. Even the trip was short, we enjoyed it and it was a chance to meet other people and learn their culture and explore their beloved place. Click here for more pictures from my trip in Indonesia!

Monday, November 17, 2008

The Return

I was so happy when it came to my knowledge that Ne-Yo and John Legend will be releasing new album this year. I'm a big fan of RnB music, I immediately searched the internet for the release dates of those albums.

1. Ne-Yo (Year of the Gentlemen) - Last year, I was also managed to purchase his previous album, Because of You (see post here). I even watch his concert last February in Manila... His newest album has 13 tracks and they are still with the taste of my RnB music. My former colleague in Misys (Louie) gave me a link on where to download his copy of the album. But after one week, I decided to buy the original... hehehe... I ripped it to my iPod and listened to it for about 6 times a day. My instant favorites were "Mad" and "So You Can Cry".

2. John Legend (Evolver) - Yes, I'm a John Legend fan and even his previous album, Once Again, I was able to bought it way back in November 2006! (see post here). With his new album, he had collaborations with Brandy, Andre 3000, Estelle and Kanye West. It was also a 13-track album with 2 bonus tracks. My favorite tracks were "Everybody Knows" and "Good Morning". He did not fail me on my craving to hear his newest RnB music. I just wish that I can catch him live on a concert for sure I'll be on the front seat! Hehehe...

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Halloween in SG

It was the first time that I was not on the cemetery where my sister lies. Usually in Pasig, we will visit her during this season and we are bringing foods, candles and flowers as a present to her. But this year, I observed this season with my housemates here in Singapore. They invited their friends to come over and I joined them. Ate Cindy baked pizza while Ate Daisy cooked vegetables. We lighted 5 candles on the terrace and we had our own praying moment on that site. I was so lonely and I was thinking that this wouldn't be the only season I'm not with my family. The night became a celebration of fun as they enjoyed singing on Magic Sing. I can't sing that time because of the f*cking "singaw"... hehehe. On the brighter side, I tried to watch XXX (Eksplosibong Eksklusibong Expose) on the internet because I missed the "Magandang Gabi Bayan" days where they feature frightening documentaries. With XXX... waaaahhh!!! di ko tinapos... kakatakot... ahahaha... I'll try to watch it maybe next week.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Shin Splints

I know it's my fault, due to over cardio exercise, I am suffering now shin splint. I've been doing a 1-hour (11kmh) cardio everyday for almost three weeks and I am now 3.5kgs lighter. But the fallback of what I did is now a super pain on my lower legs... specifically on the shin.

What is a shin splint? According to Wikipedia, "Shin splints is a general term used to refer to a painful condition in the shins. It is often caused by running or jumping and maybe very slow to heal. One cause is an overused muscle, either as an acute injury. The muscle pain is caused by any activity that involves running, jumping, also sometimes even walking, swimming, roller skating, or other basic physical activity."

Yes, I overused my muscle. For the last three weeks, I have changed my cardio routine from being on the alternate days to everyday. And now, I can't even run for 1 minute or walk for 5 minutes on the treadmill. As an alternative, I have divided my cardio routine to three exercises. Twenty minutes for Glidex/Rotex, 20 minutes for rowing and 20 minutes on cycling. I think I will not run for one month but I have to double my effort on my diet. But I still have to be very careful on my legs, thank God may dala akong Alaxan...
*image taken from Wikipedia

Friday, October 10, 2008


The following phrases are for those people whom I hurt intentionally and unintentionally, directly or indirectly. I know sometimes I abuse your kindness and pushed you to your limitations, Really, sorry is the hardest word.

Sorry for not respecting other's cultures and spreading out words that are below the belt and sluring your capabilities and origins.

Sorry for not treasuring all your help and kindness to me, I maybe sometimes a funny person but deep inside, I have these demon and naughty mind.

Sorry for thinking only myself and not considering any opinions and feedbacks that may affect my life in the near future.

Sorry for putting some uneasiness acts on you that sometimes I know you are not comfortable with but rest assured that those were for fun and I'm not serious about it.

Sorry for sometimes being insensitive that even you have showed me everything, still I don't feel the same way and I can't give you what you deserve.

Sorry for spending much money because of my travel habits, kindly understand that I just want to roam the world and discover new things and learn experiences that my help me to grow maturely and become more responsible and independent.

Sorry for not being there when you needed me most as sometimes I don't put you on priority because of these things that I can't take away from me.

Sorry for not respecting you as an older person and give you the right way of appreciation of what you have become because of your attitude.

Sorry for being not consistent that sometimes I still do those things that I have promised not to execute again but I am maybe still weak.

Sorry for not understanding your situation sometimes but I have this in my mind that you have chosen that path and you have to stood on it and be strong enough to face challenges but still, I am just here always ready to help you.

Sorry for sometimes I shout at you and almost giving up on helping you but deep inside of my heart, it hurts me everytime I hurt you.


Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week was a heck of super chores. I know this will come, that I will feel tired of doing things that I don't used to do for the past 2-3 years. I went to FairPrice in Paya Lebar to do the grocery and bought my supply for 2 weeks and it was only S$56.40, tipid na di ba? Compared to everyday buying of cooked meals on the hawkers or to other food establishments. I also did the laundry though it wasn't that hard, kakapagod pa rin maghanger ng damit... hehehe... Then I cooked Chicken Adobo na magiging baon ko for one week, sobrang tipid... hahaha... I also prepared tuna spread and it will be my meriend also for a week. I also did the ironing of my clothes for one month. Waaaahhh... it was really tiring and ang sakit sa kamay. I also have to clean my room. I was not doing these chores for so long after my mother left her work to be a full time housewife. Well, I chose this kind of life and I should stand on this decision. On the other hand, I am enjoying this setup, living independently.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Thaiventure

My first vacation since I live here in Singapore took place last 22nd to 26th of August in Thailand! It was a memorable moment with my friends Allan, Ann, Anthony, Chichi and Ivy together with her boyfriend Sonny and sister Irene, a total of 8 tourists! It was also a good thing that our former officemate Off was our official tour guide and sort of photographer and yes, he is good in photography. We all met in the airport and went directly to our hotel in Samran Place.

The hotel was really nice, very neat and very accomodating guard. The most important thing was that the room was very comfortabel to sleep with. We were all amazed by the rooms and it was a good deal for a very cheap price hotel and take note, free breakfast was included.

Our first day was of a Wat(temple) tour. Off arrived in the hotel just in time for us to leave, he brought his powerful camera. We took mrt and also boat as our means of transportation. We visited mostly the so-called "new temples" and they were all great. Grabe ang gaganda ng temples. Even the buddha was breathtaking. The only thing that was uncomfortable to us was the heat! Grabe ang init and puro lakad kame! Pawis na pawis na kaming lahat, but still the journey must continue. We are tourists and we should not complain, hehehe... Then we went to Chatuchak for some shopping spree and yes, mura talaga ang mga items dun. That night after our temple tour, we went to Ma'am Rhose's place and we had our dinner. She was our project lead way back in the Fujitsu days. After that short visit, we went to Pathpong (tama ba spelling?) and the experience was a history, I will not give any details on the Thai Girl show... nyahahaha...

On our second day... mas mainit!!! Good thing we hired a van as our major means of transportation. Thanks again to Off. The driver was very nice and Off brought his Vietnamese officemate Zhang (yun nga ba yung name?) to make a tour in Ayutthaya! Mostly mga ruins na temples naman dito, yung mga luma na and sira sira. But still, the view and the sight was really great. We also watched an elephant show and they were really cute and nakakatuwa dahil sumasayaw sila... Hahaha... We had our lunch in this cool restaurant and Pad Thai was an instant favorite! Good thing there is a store here in Singapore that sells Pad Thai.

Later that night, we had our dinner in Baiyoke. It was an ultimate buffet and we really enjoyed the foods! We also headed to the top spot of the building where they said that it was the highest peak in Bangkok. The view from the top was really nice! It was like a view in The Peak in Hong Kong and the only difference is yung umiikot kami habang nasa tuktok ng building. In our last day, what all we did was super shopping! Grabe ang tagal namin sa MBK and we bought many items and some pasalubongs and souvenirs. The experience in Thailand was really great! For sure me kasunod pang trips! More pictures here!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miles Away

Yes, it's true, I miss my family. We are all separated by four countries. My mother and my sisters are in the Philippines, my father is working in Saudi Arabia, my oldest sister is doing her best to reach her dreams in Romania and I am here in Singapore, alone but happy fulfilling my future. Eventhough we were separated by our work, we ensure that there is a constant communication between all of us.

Thanks to the internet as I can see my sisters' face on webcam while we are chatting. As usual, nanjan ang kulitan and kumustahan sa aming lahat. Even my mother knows how to chat with matching headset. In this way, the loneliness is lessen and this helps me to be stronger. I am living independently here but I know with their prayers, I can make it. Knowing that they are all in good condition and having wonder lives everyday, it makes me feel great facing my everyday routines here.

With my father, since he is not an internet person, I usually call him to his cellphone and we are exchanging text messages. I am planning to have a Christmas vacation but he is not yet allowed to because he just renewed his contract. He will come back to the Philippines on March to attend my bunsong kapatid's high school graduation. Maybe I can also be there on that time, taking vacation leave again, hehehe... But the heck, airline tickets on Christmas season is so MAHAL! Let's see what will happen.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Singapore's 43rd National Day

Last 9th of August, Singapore celebrated it's 43rd National Day. Since it was my first time to witness this event, I made it sure to see it. Together with my officemates Gilyn, Sherelyn and Kit, we headed to the center place of the event. It was near the Merlion and The Esplanade. We searched for place where we can sit and we found ourselves in the middle of the bridge. The view was okay because the primary reason we went there was the air show.

That day, it was about to rain, buti ambon lang then nawala na rin. But the show must still go on. With a huge screen, we can see the activities from the main stage. We were all amazed by the air show. The jet planes were creating different shapes from their smoke. Also, there were plane exhibitions and formations, and whew! that was great! There were many people witnessed the said event, from different nations and races. After the air show, we were all tired and decided to go to Bugis to have dinner and little shopping.

We had our dinner KFC, grabe miss ko na rin KFC. I ordered chicken and fries and no, they don't serve rice here. But we still enjoyed our food and after that, the girls went on super shopping. Wala naman akong napamili because I have visited Bugis last February pa. After that tiring day, we all separated our ways at around 9 in the evening.

Sunday, August 17, 2008


Today, I am now an official OFW... bagong bayani... hehehe... It was my second time in Philippine Embassy here in Singapore prior to the approval of my OWWA membership. On my first time, I was not able to bring my job offer copy because it was required in the application. I was with my college friend Osang, the one with a J.Lo butt in our batch. Our embassy here is so, so... panget... hahahah... The building was not that good compare to other embassy offices here.

After the application, Osang and I went to the Filipino haven here in Singapore, Lucky Plaza. Why? When you enter this mall, it seems like you're in Megamall. Almost 80% of the people there were Filipinos. Most of the stores and outlets there were related to Pinoy products and services. You will hear the word Kabayan almost everywhere... hahaha... Because we both missed Filipino foods, we had our lunch in... san pa ba kame kakain? E di sa Kabayan Restaurant... hehehe...

Also in this month, specifically August 1, I am a certified member now of Fitness First Singapore. I used my international passport for the entire month of July just to enter the fitness center. I wanted to check first if the facilities here are almost the same in Manila. I have already visited two branhces, The Cathay and Paragon and the latter is a bigger and nicer branch.

It was a good thing that the membership consultant in The Cathay branch was a Filipino so I decided to finally sign up for membership. The monthly membership is 150 SGD... ang MAHAL!!! But as of now, ito pa lang naman ang luho ko... pati pala travel... hehehe... No night life here as I am not yet familiar with the night spots here and I want to save money first. As of now, I regularly workout every after office and I make it to a point to have an everyday workout routine, sayang ang binabayad.

Monday, August 4, 2008

The Superheroes

1. The Incredible Hulk - I think this version is quite better and was worth the money spent to remake it. Though the special effects were not that good, the story was well balanced with action and plot. Other good point of the movie was that they finally showed the other personality of The Hulk, the one who is weak on controlling his anger. Yes, Edward Norton is a great actor but I didn't find his predicament in this movie to be very compelling. On the "plus" side, the movie is an outstanding action flick with good pacing. The "minus" part, there was a couple of flaws in the story line, the dialogues could have been more forceful. There was a bit hasty wind up to the action scene that was going really well in the end. Well, it wasn't that good and it wasn't that bad.

2. Wanted - I can say that this movie did not surprise me with the twist that was plotted. The story is familiar but is done right. I can say that it has a perfect cast. Action scenes were spectacular and that's the big thing in this movie but there was nothing really groundbreaking thing but it was still entertaining. There was also a kind of goofy at some points but the film was enjoyable. Yes, the movie was a thrill ride but offered no real direction and the story line was transparent from beginning to end. But I did like this movie somewhat. The effects are great, the stunts are cool. I am all for story tellers pushing the envelope, and I like creative ways of telling stories, but this one came up just a little short. It's as if they tried too hard to be hard and cool, and didn't quite make it.

3. Hancock - This is the first movie that I watched here in Singapore. For this movie, I can say that it is a visual thrill. The special effects department was the only branch that was truly dedicated in creating this film. Yes, excellent effects but the script? Nah, it seems like you're going to a pointless plot and too narrowly driven. I just didn't like the story, that's it. For a movie with a skyscraper of expectation, it falls in on itself for lack of structure and visual appeal alone cannot save it, the great deal of the conversations is just a plain lame. I don't know what is the real intention of this movie. Is it suppose to be funny? touching? vulgar? what? It changed directions too many times and awkwardy for you to get a good feel of what they were aiming for.

4. The Dark Knight - One word... amazing! I can say that this is the greatest movie so far that I have watched this year. Ledger really did a great job! I enjoyed this movie mainly because even through all the twsited violence and insane action, it truly was a story of the human condition and we won. But the movie is about more than a criminal who churns through the Gotham City, leaving a trail of death, anarchy and chaos. It's about the line between lawman and lawbreaker, between hero and villain, between bringing people to justince and turning into a vigilante, and what a good man or men will do when faced with soul-shattering loss. Great effects and perfect script that made the line "Why so serious?" famous.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Office

It's almost a month now since I have arrived here in Singapore and working here. With regards to my new work environment, at first I was really in the state of asking myself... 'Is this really an office?'. Simply because the interior design and structure of the office is quite nice. It seems like you're not in the office at all but the working mood here is really light.

The diagonal designs of the desks were quite interesting. Matched with bright colors like orange, red, black, yellow and green. Unlike in my previous work in Manila, I am using here a desktop kaya medyo nanibago ulit ako sa paghawak ng desktop. But overall, I liked the network policy here, actually, no policy at all. You can download what you want (wag lang mp3s and videos) and install what will satisfy you like messengers and other freewares. You can surf all your favorite sites without coming to a page 'Website blocked'.

Another great impact of this office is the recreation center. We have here billiards table, Wii and Foozball. Just recently, the company held a Pool tournament here and a Pinoy won! Hehehe... He beat a big boss here and the Pinoys were all delighted and we received a merienda treat from him. Another reason why I love here (at the moment) is the coffee brewer. It was called Espresso, a machine where you can brew your own coffee using a mini coffee tablets. We also have here Milo and biscuits for free. Well, that was a quick tour here on my second home in Singapore.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fitness First Branches Tour (Part Three)

Weight loss is still my number one priority even if I am here in Singapore. As of weighing, I have lost 4.5kg in 15 days of stay here. Yes, I am still working out here in Fitness First Singapore. But first, I will give my third notes on my Fitness First branches tour in the Philipines. I have visited a total of 15 branches in the Philippines! Whew! Such an achievement for me. Maybe the next title for my tour would be "Fitness First Branches Tour - goes International" hehehehe... Here's the list of the last 5 branches I have visited in the Philippines:

1. SM Mall of Asia - I visited this branch when I had this MoA field trip with my former officemates. The environment inside the gym was quite nice but I just didn't like the airconditioning state of the place. Parang masyadong malamig, konti lang ipinawis ko. But then it was my first time to see the electronic locker room, it will make you feel that your personal belongings are secured and safe. As far as I remember, the second floor was quite big and the free weights area has a nice view.

2. SM Megamall - On my first visit here, the staff told me that it was a dry run day only so the treadmills were not yet working. Their locker room is also in electronic form. The entire area is very clean maybe because this branch is the newest. It has three workout/exercise rooms such as group exercise (which is quite big), the cycling studio and the mind and body room. The equipments were not that complete and it has only few abs tools. Maybe today, there are more equipments now since the area is really wide. My sister is a pioneer member on this branch.

3. SM Southmall - The architectural design of this branch is exactly the same of the Cebu and Robinson's Manila branches. The original state of the area was a cinema and was converted to a huge and very wide area of fitness center. The area is really big with balcony and orchestra segment. There were many cardio equipments and I loved it instantly. I just didn't like the free weights area.

4. Alabang - I visited this branch on the same day I visited SM Southmall. I was with Harold, Ryan and Topher (Jeph was inside the BodyCare, nagpapamasahe). This branch stood on it's own building and the body care is separated from the center proper. The free weights area is wide but they have only few abs equipments. The unit for Fruit Magic is so small compared to the other branches. The locker room seems quite nice and clean.

5. Metro East - I loved the cardio area, daming treadmills! The equipments were properly arranged. On the other hand, I didn't like the shower area specially the sauna bath, parang ang liit. The reception is very accomodating, the waiting area is also a genuine space. I saw an instructor that was previously assigned in Makati branch. The other trainors are very helpful and attentive for some questions and queries.

*Images are from
Part One
Part Two

Sunday, July 13, 2008

From Hotel To 'Home'

Upon arriving here in Singapore last June 30, I immediately checked in the Happy Hotel. I arrived there at around 12 noon. I booked online to this hotel and what I can say, the price is very cheap. But at first I was worried because paying cheap in a hotel may result to non satisfaction of my 6 days of stay.

Surprisingly, I was amazed by this hotel. Paying very cheap but the service and the room itself is quite nice. The room is so clean with tv connected to cable. The aircon works fine and the location itself is the best! Even at night, the area is still awake for some reasons... hehehe... Anyway, I enjoyed the stay in this hotel but the not so good part is that there is no free wifi internet. I have to pay $1 for 15 minutes of surfing, so expensive!

After a wide search for the permanent place that I will stay, thanks to for the accomodations posts and now found myself living here in Wing Fong Mansions. The location is quite near the hotel (hotel is in Lorong 10 and Wing Fong Mansions is in Lorong 14) so I did not encounter difficulty in the "paglilipat" process. The rent is S$350 per month.

There I met my housemates namely Cindy, Daisy and the father of the unit, hehehe... Celso. They were so nice and funny. The room was not that big but the most important thing is that I am comfortable. The unit is fully furnished, with TFC and finally, WiFi internet for only $16 per month. The bathroom is nice and thank God, there was an automatic washing machine. This is my 'home' here in Singapore and hopefully there will be no problem in staying here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hong Kong Trip

Before going here in Singapore, I had a wonderful and rainy trip in Hong Kong (June 13 to 16). Actually, this is my second visit in this country. My first visit was in 2005 and you may see some pictures here. Anyway, I had a lot of fun in this second visit, although the timing wasn't that good (may bagyo sa HK), we still managed to enjoy the trip.

Our first day was Disneyland day. It was raining in the morning but at around 2pm, the rain was gone. The theme park tour was a lot of fun! We did not waste time and we all tried to check each of the rides and some sceneries around the park. We also watched some program and shows and all were great! The picture takings were of course a part of the tour and yes, only for Disneyland, we generated almost 1,500 pictures. Di kami addict sa picture di ba? Hehehe...

On the next day, we toured the temples around the city. Wow, the temples were really nice and they were such a view! We advised ourselves to be respectful as some of the temples are prohibiting picture takings. The temple tour was a tiring trip as we were required to walk and walk and walk. But as we saw the scenes inside the temples, it was breath taking.

Also on the second day, we went to the Peak. We rode the on this train (tram ba tawag dun?) that brought us to the highest level of the country. There, we toured the shops around the Peak and waited for the night. When it was dark, we went directly to the sky terrace and wow! On that point, you can see the beatiful buildings with different color and spark of lights, whew! the night was so lovely.

We went to the Avenue of the Stars on our last day. The day was beautiful, it was not that hot and the clouds were great. We enjoyed the day and took a lot of pictures! Also on our last day, we had a super shopping and namili ng mga pampasalubongs!

With the regards to the food, it was not really typical as we just ordered noodles normally. Most of our breakfast sessions were held in Cafe de Coral, hehehe... We also had a merienda in McDonalds when we were in The Peak. We tried the Food Republic (actually para syang food court) when we went to the "cable car" place but unfortunately, there was a landslide so we were not able to make a ride on it. Anyway, the totality of the tour was great and we all enjoyed our short vacation in Hong Kong. More pictures here.

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