Thursday, January 31, 2008

Katas ng India

Last 7th of January, we had a super sarap dinner courtesy of Allan. The Venue? SDK (Saisaki, Dad's, Kamayan) in Glorietta and it was an ultimate buffet. Katas from India ang pinanggastos nya, hehehehe... Since it was a buffet, there is no excuse for eating a lot! Dami ko nakain. We had this simple "pustahan" that whoever will surrender first in eating, a coffee treat is the punishment! Sonny won! It was such a very nice evening, no work to think of, it was a time of rest! Yun nga lang kumakain and the result, "taba" and calories...

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Christmisys 2007

Better late than never. This happened last 22nd of December 2007. It was tagged as Chistmisys. It was the charity work of Misys for 2007. I got the chance to be part of this event. It was held in Philippine General Hospital, specifically in Wards 9 and 10. The primary beneficiaries of it were the children who are cancer patients.

We served them Jollibee foods and some cool and useful gifts. The entire group really enjoyed the event, seeing a simple and priceless smiles from those children. It was such a very heart warming day. I thanked God that I did not suffer what those children are suffering and I also prayed to Him that those children's aches would end and that all of them will be healed.

Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday with the Family

The holiday season with my family was very simple but full of love. It was a celebration of happiness and family bonding. On the eve of 24th of December, we had this gift giving courtesy of Che. I received a bottle of cream bath! Hehehe... I gave my mom a set of jewelry and Gian got a toy car.

With regards to the food, it is the first time I did not eat ham, so sad but it was a choice. Still no pork forever... Hehehe... I ate a lot! That's why these days, I do everyday workout! Anyway, I loved calderetang baka and ube halaya. I also made a huge intake of cake! Naaahhhh... I know, lot of calories, cholesterol and fats! But holiday season is an excuse for eating a lot!!! Hahaha...

The morning after those two special nights (Christmas and New Year eves) we had a feast by singing using the Magic Sing... Such a funny moment. My sister always get 90+ score. While singing, I have a plate on my other hand, sobrang takaw ko!!! During those times, I miss my father... I'm expecting him to return home this year.

Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Company Christmas Celebrations

Happy New Year everyone!!! My internet connection is almost one month ng wala!!! Sobrang kakainis na ang Globe!!! Anyway, this post is regarding my Christmas celebrations that I had with the company.

1. December 11 - It was our departmental Christmas party and we had it in Mc Donald's Greenbelt. We became children at that time... Expressing our inner childhood manner and was so delighted to see Ronald McDonald! Hehehe... The food was of course one piece chicken with spaghetti, burger, fries, as in the usual fastfood stuffs, but it was overflowing! I was also forced to join a game and thank God, I didn't have to dance or to do something nasty. The party was so cool and everybody really enjoyed it. On that day, what I received from exchange gift was 8 Century Tuna in cans! Really cool! Heheheh... I brought home with a souvenir of Misys umbrella.

2. December 14 - Our company Christmas party was took place in Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Makati. Our theme was "Misys Goes to Hollywood". The performances that night were really great! Loved the Happy Feet presentation and our group did the White Chicks theme. This time, I was not a part of that presentation, I forced my teammates to make a contribution my holding some props on the presentation, hehehe... The food was a buffet and yes, I enjoyed it... Hahahah... I loved the beef lasagna and also the fish fillet, also the cheesecake was cool.

3. December 19 - It was our final gift giving that day and also it was a treat from Arleen and Harold who were celebrating their birthdays on the month of December. We had a super uber sarap na dinner in Dencio's in Paseo Center. What I enjoyed that night was Bangus sisig! I got an Adidas pouch bag and I loved it! Sobra! Hehehe... After the dinner, we went to The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf to have a coffee of course. It was a treat from Ma'am Thet, there we had a super funny discussions and made a kasunduan regarding the next day's attendance. The last thing to arrive in the office will make a merienda treat! Hehehe... SUch a funny idea but everybody participated and enjoyed it!

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