Friday, January 4, 2008

Holiday with the Family

The holiday season with my family was very simple but full of love. It was a celebration of happiness and family bonding. On the eve of 24th of December, we had this gift giving courtesy of Che. I received a bottle of cream bath! Hehehe... I gave my mom a set of jewelry and Gian got a toy car.

With regards to the food, it is the first time I did not eat ham, so sad but it was a choice. Still no pork forever... Hehehe... I ate a lot! That's why these days, I do everyday workout! Anyway, I loved calderetang baka and ube halaya. I also made a huge intake of cake! Naaahhhh... I know, lot of calories, cholesterol and fats! But holiday season is an excuse for eating a lot!!! Hahaha...

The morning after those two special nights (Christmas and New Year eves) we had a feast by singing using the Magic Sing... Such a funny moment. My sister always get 90+ score. While singing, I have a plate on my other hand, sobrang takaw ko!!! During those times, I miss my father... I'm expecting him to return home this year.


Anonymous said...

ang takaw ni best! hahaha!

Anonymous said...

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