Saturday, February 2, 2008

Training Days

I had a week long training last 4th week of January (21st to 25th) under Ms. Dawn Cagas for Syndications Manager. It was such a cool trianing and di naman ako inantok. Ma'am Dawn is always cool and really a technical and functional lady in the said module.

In our team, Louie and I attended the said training. There were also attendees from other department. On our second day, Ma'am Dawn treated us Starbucks coffee and a cheesecake! Hahahah... Really nice. The training ended with a lot of questions and the funny thing was that my other teammates consulted her for other module... CL to be exact... hehehe... Now, I should be prepared to face SynMan errors that will be reported by our bank clients... Haaay buhay...


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