Sunday, March 30, 2008

Team Dinner at MoA

Last 7th of March, the java team of our department held the quarterly team bonding at MoA by the Bay. The first thing that must be done was the purchasing of seafoods that we will eat. Our group was assigned to that task. We bought a lot (ayoko na isa isahin madami kasi...) and I think we spent three thousand pesos for that. After the pamamalengke, we proceeded to the place kung san namin ipapaluto ang mga seafods na yun!

The place was called GT Squared Palutuan. Medyo matagal silang magluto but the good thing is masarap naman yung mga food. But I was kinda disappointed on the sweet and sour fish, masyado naging crispy yung fish! Unlike with the other restaurant that we previously tried, the fish was steamed. But everybody enjoyed the food and as usual may natira. It was a flood and overflowing foods! Sobrang busog kaming lahat. The other good part is that meron akong baon! Hehehe... Inuwi ko yung mga fish! Hahaha...

Also that night, we celebrated Tamie's birthday! The team bought two cheesecakes for her! And thank God dahil kinain namin ung isa... hehehe...

Our super sarap and super nakakabusog na dinner lasted for I think around 10:30 in the evening. We were all delighted that even for that time, we forgot about work! We just enjoyed each other's company and making kuwentuhans and tsismisans. It was a great night!

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Confused No More

For the past few days, I was in the process of making decision whether to stay or go away... I have applied for five companies (buwakaw! hehehe). The first was the "R", it was my first technical interview for two years and yes, I failed... Hahahah... The second company was "C", the interviewer told me that I passed but up to now, no words from them. The next company was the "O", I have passed the exam, the technical interview but I am quite not sure on the interview with the project manager, nagmukha akong tanga! Hehehe... Then the next two companies gave me job offers. Company "L" was quite good sana but they are very "kuripot" so I turned it down. Now the twist came, company "K" presented a very good offer. It came to my manager's knowledge that I am resigning so he did a counter offer. After so many days of thinking, seeking opinions with my family, friends and officemates, I have decided to stay in my current company which is Misys Banking Systems. Why? Honestly the total package is really good, I want to develop my expertise on banking knowledge and I am very comfortable with the environment. So why am I resigning in the first place? To explore more opportunies and to be exposed on the latest technologies. But still, I chose to stay for the reasons that I have mentioned. No more confusion, I am just praying that I made the right decision and that this is the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Thursday, March 27, 2008

NeYo Concert

Last February 29, my two sisters (Cherry and Clarissa) and I watched the NeYo concert. It was an amazing event! Grabe he is so galing talaga. I'm a big fan of NeYo and I even had his album since last year and cant stop listening to his songs. Puno ang Araneta Coliseum! Even we have chairs on the event, the entire people were standing just to move our bodies and follow the groove of NeYo's music. Sobrang nakakaenjoy. My only advantage is that I knew most of his songs so I sang with him! Hahaha! We were enjoying each of his songs. My favorite? Go On Girl! Hahaha... The concert lasted I think about 1.5 hours but it was worth it naman. Nope, we're not in General Admission, Upper Box B naman... Hahahah... Really, I enjoyed the concert, wishing there will be comeback tour.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Singapore Trip - Days 2 & 3

On our second day in Singapore, we woke up early to make a city tour again. I took pictures of the room where we stayed. Maybe now you know what a hostel is. A small room where you can rest. In travelling, you don't have to stay in an expensive hotel because you are not spending much of the time inside the hotel and hostel is the most practical way!

Anyway, we rode again MRT and headed to City Hall station. We went directly to Funan because Christopher and I will purchase laptop. But the mall was still close so we made a quick tour around the place and the scenes were really fascinating.

After that quick tour, we went back to Funan then we had our breakfast. Christopher and I started to scout stores where we can buy the laptop. We found our target then purchased it right away. We also had our lunch inside that place. It was like a foodcourt in some of our malls here. I had this chili chicken and it tasted great!

Then we went to Ma'am Thet's place to store our laptop and also we will be meeting Ma'am Rachelle in a certain place to tour Sentosa with her!

We took the cable car and it was really cool! At first medyo natakot ako pero naging okay na rin ako... hahahaha!!!

Our first stop in Sentosa was the Underwater World and the place was really great! But before that, we had a quick merienda, we ate Roti Mama bread, sa totoo lang masarap sya ah! Back to the place, you will see different kinds of sea species. Pero parang maliit lang sya but okay na rin.

Afterwards, we made a tour in Sentosa. We went to Siloso beach resort then made a walk around the Sentosa Flowers. Daming flowers and they were all beautiful. We also made picture takings with the 2nd merlion, hehehehe... We purchased tickets to watch Songs of the Sea.

The show was really great! It was a musical show where the other characters were reprsented by lights using the water splash of the sea. Galing! The colors and the way the water was used was really good! Actually, I was not really interested on the story. I was more interested on the ligths and special effects, hehehe... The show took about 30 minutes and that was the time we left Sentosa.

We came back to city and Ma'am Rachelle treated us dinner in Thai Express. Yahoo!!! hehehehe.... I ate chicken and it was sobrang sarap! A service crew of that restaurant was a Filipina! Lahat kami sobrang nabusog and very thankful to Ma'am Rachelle for the wonderful dinner! Then we went back to hostel for us to rest.

On our third day, we prepared all our things because it was check out time and we headed directly to Ma'am Thet's place in The Waterina to store all of our things. The I went alone to Fitness First in The Cathay! Hahaha... How can I forget to workout??? I only did a 30 minute cardio and total body weights. It was only a 1.5 hours of workout but it was very fulfilling visiting a Fitness First branch in Singapore.

I met with the other guys in Chinatown. We went again to this place to buy our pasalubongs. We also had a small snack then toured again the place. I bought some items and shirts. Then went back again to Bugis to check other items. Afterwards, we returned to The Waterina and invited Ma'am Thet for dinner.

We found this small carinderia and it was a Vietnam-Thai resto. Grabe, I was really happy because yung anghang na hinahanap ko ay natagpuan ko dito! Hehehe... Ang dami kong nakain! We all enjoyed that dinner. After that nakakabusog na kainan, we prepared ourselves then went directly to the airport. Our flight was delayed by two hours, kainis! But the memories we had in Singapore were unforgettable and we really enjoyed our stay in that country.

Sunday, March 16, 2008


Right now, I'm in the middle of great confusion about my work and professionalism. I just hope that I will come up and make a great decision. What I am feeling right now is an ultimate pressure. Making friends is easy with me but finding the real ones is really a challenge. Sometimes, in selecting the best option, you should consider several elements. The environment, the stability of the company and the most important is the kind people that surrounds you. I am in no direction, I don't know where to go and what to choose. But these are the most important things that matter to me right now, may happiness and self fulfillment.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 1

Our flight to Singapore was late night of February 14 and we arrived in Singapore around 1 or 2 am on the 15th of Feb. I was with Christopher, Arleen and Jeph. But before that flight, a fucking event happened. I was almost not permitted to leave the country. Imagine, my passport stated that I left last January 3, 2004 bound to Hong Kong but as I remember, it was 2005! The immigration officer inspected my passport and it seemed that I was in Hong Kong for 1 year and my return stamp was January 16, 2005! It was also my first time to notice those dates. Good thing there was a nice officer and did not notice those dates. But I will really arrange this matter.

Back to trip, after our arrival in Singapore, we headed directly to hostel and the next morning we were all excited to make tour on the city. First, we made our first breakfast in a small cafeteria near the hotel and the food was okay and the price was reasonable. While we were eating, Jeph called Ma'am Thet (our Team Lead who was currently assigned in Misys Singapore) to get directions to Bugis. We used MRT as the our primary transportation medium. Bugis is the place for "tiangge" and we made our first tour there.
Then we went to Lau Pa Sat to see Ma'am Thet and she was with Kate and Amy. We had our lunch there. It was something like a food court near the office buildings and there were many food items to choose from. Ms Amy helped us out on how to get to the Jurong Bird Park and it was a detailed instruction.
As instructed we ride the MRT and went to Boon Lay station. There, we waited for bus 194 that will bring us to Jurong Bird Park. We arrived there at around 3pm just exact time for the Bird Show to start. The show was really cool and the birds were unbelievable. Sobrang nakakatuwa sila! After the show, we cruised the entire park to have a closer look on the different kinds of birds. The park was really big and you will really appreciate the beauty of those birds.
After our adventure in Jurong Bird Park, we made a quick run to visit China Town, grabe daming items dun! So we looked around to that place and you will really feel that you are in China when you get there. We were also hungry that time so we had our snack there then hurried back to hostel to prepare ourselves to meet again Ma'am Thet for the dinner.

We ride again the MRT and went to Raffles Place station and Ma'am Thet, Kate and Amy were waiting for us in a Starbucks store there. Then we walked until we reached the "No Signboard Seafood" restaurant to have our dinner! It was a treat from Ma'am Thet! Yipeeee!!! The main food was chili crab at hindi ako kumain dahil bawal sa akin. So nagtiis na lang ako sa gulay, bread and thank God merong isda! Hehehe... I'm sure that chili crab was really good because they were all busy doing their styles on eating it and based on their face, they really enjoyed it!

After dinner, we toured the city and get ourselves striking a pose for pictures with the merlion! Hehehe... it was really nice and city seems to be alive at night! There was also a post Chinese New Year celebration that night so we checked it out. That day was full of fun. We went back to hostel to rest. Days 2 and 3 will be posted soon.
For more pictures, click here.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Movie Reviews: The Return

It's been a while since my last blog and this time I will start again by reviewing the movies that I have watched for the last three months.

DECEMBER: Magical Month

1. Stardust - Whew! I loved this film. Yeah, I love fantasy films. This type of fairy tale seems to be really magical and I was impressed. The story was really cool, doing everything for the one you love but finding and knowing the path to the RIGHT one that will also give you love seems really good. The magical atmosphere, action, mystery and adventure were combined together for us to be delighted on this film. There were also unexpected events and situations in this movie. Really cool film.

2. Enchanted - Love the songs on this movie, really magical and entertaining. Also the lead atars of the movie seems to be the perfect choice on this film, hehehe... This is for the entire family, everybody will enjoy it. The idea of animation to live picture is another plot for this kind of project, I guess this is something not that new. Don't forget the special effects, wow that was really cool especially the battle scene between the princess and the witch, two thumbs up!

3. The Golden Compass - I think this movie combined all the elements of an excellent film. Great actors, best selling novel that results to great script, great production design, unbelievable special effects and controversy with regards to the church. Overall, I liked this movie, yeah I'm fan of fantasy and Mr. Bond. Anyway, the ending seemed to be "bitin" but I can wait for it's 2 more installments in the following years. The adventure on this film is really likeable. It is also for the entire family. Just hold tight to your beliefs and don't be fooled by what you see on this movie, just enjoy the magical experience.

JANUARY: The Three Great Actors

1. I Am Legend - This movie is really short but the content and the message that the film want us to retrieve was really predictable but cool. Will Smith proved again that he is a versatile actor, can do comedy, action/adventure and drama. But on the bad side of the movie and coming down to only having one major character dominating the majority of the screen time, things can go from interesting to boring really fast.

2. National Treasure 2 The Book of Secrets - When I watched the part 1 of this movie on a cable channel, I said to myself that the plot seemed to be the same with The Da Vinci Code, finding clues until reaching what you want. Nicolas Cage made a very clever and exciting performance on this film. Good thing on this film is the "comedic" ingredient, you will not get bored. I can say that this is better than the first one. The historical lessons on this movie is a bonus to the viewers.

3. The Heartbreak Kid - Ben Stiller is really an excellent comedy actor. I just didn't like the ending and I can't stop saying to myself on him the word "TANGA!"... hehehe... Yes the movie is funny but I just didn't like the story plot of not learning from your mistake. I guess what I'm trying to say is that there's no lesson in this movie. It should have been much better. Anyway, I enjoyed the movie.

FEBRUARY: Horror and an Action

1. The Mist - This movie promises mist, scares and critters. A really heart pumping film. I can say that this was the most evil, sinnister, horrific, horrid doomsday movie I've ever seen. The idea that the monters on this movie is not by nature but by science is a wonderful plot. What I just don't like is the ending... Grrr... it was so depressing.

2. Saw IV - I think I did not like this part of the Saw saga. I saw the first three parts of this film and for this, I was really disappointed. I don't know but the scenes and situations were not that exciting as the previous ones. Also the story plot seemed to be not solid. I can't follow clearly on how to react on each scenes. The ending sucks. How come a certain people did all those gruesome activies and games. Sorry, I just didn't like this.

3. Vantage Point - It is an action film that the main topic is the safety of the president. The directing was great! Also the editing, loved it. Divided by several situations and people involved in the totality of the film, it was perfect. The story is also excellent, there are a lot of twists and they are really unpredictable and unexpected. The ending is very good.

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