Sunday, March 30, 2008

Confused No More

For the past few days, I was in the process of making decision whether to stay or go away... I have applied for five companies (buwakaw! hehehe). The first was the "R", it was my first technical interview for two years and yes, I failed... Hahahah... The second company was "C", the interviewer told me that I passed but up to now, no words from them. The next company was the "O", I have passed the exam, the technical interview but I am quite not sure on the interview with the project manager, nagmukha akong tanga! Hehehe... Then the next two companies gave me job offers. Company "L" was quite good sana but they are very "kuripot" so I turned it down. Now the twist came, company "K" presented a very good offer. It came to my manager's knowledge that I am resigning so he did a counter offer. After so many days of thinking, seeking opinions with my family, friends and officemates, I have decided to stay in my current company which is Misys Banking Systems. Why? Honestly the total package is really good, I want to develop my expertise on banking knowledge and I am very comfortable with the environment. So why am I resigning in the first place? To explore more opportunies and to be exposed on the latest technologies. But still, I chose to stay for the reasons that I have mentioned. No more confusion, I am just praying that I made the right decision and that this is the RIGHT DIRECTION!


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