Saturday, March 15, 2008

Singapore Trip - Day 1

Our flight to Singapore was late night of February 14 and we arrived in Singapore around 1 or 2 am on the 15th of Feb. I was with Christopher, Arleen and Jeph. But before that flight, a fucking event happened. I was almost not permitted to leave the country. Imagine, my passport stated that I left last January 3, 2004 bound to Hong Kong but as I remember, it was 2005! The immigration officer inspected my passport and it seemed that I was in Hong Kong for 1 year and my return stamp was January 16, 2005! It was also my first time to notice those dates. Good thing there was a nice officer and did not notice those dates. But I will really arrange this matter.

Back to trip, after our arrival in Singapore, we headed directly to hostel and the next morning we were all excited to make tour on the city. First, we made our first breakfast in a small cafeteria near the hotel and the food was okay and the price was reasonable. While we were eating, Jeph called Ma'am Thet (our Team Lead who was currently assigned in Misys Singapore) to get directions to Bugis. We used MRT as the our primary transportation medium. Bugis is the place for "tiangge" and we made our first tour there.
Then we went to Lau Pa Sat to see Ma'am Thet and she was with Kate and Amy. We had our lunch there. It was something like a food court near the office buildings and there were many food items to choose from. Ms Amy helped us out on how to get to the Jurong Bird Park and it was a detailed instruction.
As instructed we ride the MRT and went to Boon Lay station. There, we waited for bus 194 that will bring us to Jurong Bird Park. We arrived there at around 3pm just exact time for the Bird Show to start. The show was really cool and the birds were unbelievable. Sobrang nakakatuwa sila! After the show, we cruised the entire park to have a closer look on the different kinds of birds. The park was really big and you will really appreciate the beauty of those birds.
After our adventure in Jurong Bird Park, we made a quick run to visit China Town, grabe daming items dun! So we looked around to that place and you will really feel that you are in China when you get there. We were also hungry that time so we had our snack there then hurried back to hostel to prepare ourselves to meet again Ma'am Thet for the dinner.

We ride again the MRT and went to Raffles Place station and Ma'am Thet, Kate and Amy were waiting for us in a Starbucks store there. Then we walked until we reached the "No Signboard Seafood" restaurant to have our dinner! It was a treat from Ma'am Thet! Yipeeee!!! The main food was chili crab at hindi ako kumain dahil bawal sa akin. So nagtiis na lang ako sa gulay, bread and thank God merong isda! Hehehe... I'm sure that chili crab was really good because they were all busy doing their styles on eating it and based on their face, they really enjoyed it!

After dinner, we toured the city and get ourselves striking a pose for pictures with the merlion! Hehehe... it was really nice and city seems to be alive at night! There was also a post Chinese New Year celebration that night so we checked it out. That day was full of fun. We went back to hostel to rest. Days 2 and 3 will be posted soon.
For more pictures, click here.


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