Sunday, March 23, 2008

Singapore Trip - Days 2 & 3

On our second day in Singapore, we woke up early to make a city tour again. I took pictures of the room where we stayed. Maybe now you know what a hostel is. A small room where you can rest. In travelling, you don't have to stay in an expensive hotel because you are not spending much of the time inside the hotel and hostel is the most practical way!

Anyway, we rode again MRT and headed to City Hall station. We went directly to Funan because Christopher and I will purchase laptop. But the mall was still close so we made a quick tour around the place and the scenes were really fascinating.

After that quick tour, we went back to Funan then we had our breakfast. Christopher and I started to scout stores where we can buy the laptop. We found our target then purchased it right away. We also had our lunch inside that place. It was like a foodcourt in some of our malls here. I had this chili chicken and it tasted great!

Then we went to Ma'am Thet's place to store our laptop and also we will be meeting Ma'am Rachelle in a certain place to tour Sentosa with her!

We took the cable car and it was really cool! At first medyo natakot ako pero naging okay na rin ako... hahahaha!!!

Our first stop in Sentosa was the Underwater World and the place was really great! But before that, we had a quick merienda, we ate Roti Mama bread, sa totoo lang masarap sya ah! Back to the place, you will see different kinds of sea species. Pero parang maliit lang sya but okay na rin.

Afterwards, we made a tour in Sentosa. We went to Siloso beach resort then made a walk around the Sentosa Flowers. Daming flowers and they were all beautiful. We also made picture takings with the 2nd merlion, hehehehe... We purchased tickets to watch Songs of the Sea.

The show was really great! It was a musical show where the other characters were reprsented by lights using the water splash of the sea. Galing! The colors and the way the water was used was really good! Actually, I was not really interested on the story. I was more interested on the ligths and special effects, hehehe... The show took about 30 minutes and that was the time we left Sentosa.

We came back to city and Ma'am Rachelle treated us dinner in Thai Express. Yahoo!!! hehehehe.... I ate chicken and it was sobrang sarap! A service crew of that restaurant was a Filipina! Lahat kami sobrang nabusog and very thankful to Ma'am Rachelle for the wonderful dinner! Then we went back to hostel for us to rest.

On our third day, we prepared all our things because it was check out time and we headed directly to Ma'am Thet's place in The Waterina to store all of our things. The I went alone to Fitness First in The Cathay! Hahaha... How can I forget to workout??? I only did a 30 minute cardio and total body weights. It was only a 1.5 hours of workout but it was very fulfilling visiting a Fitness First branch in Singapore.

I met with the other guys in Chinatown. We went again to this place to buy our pasalubongs. We also had a small snack then toured again the place. I bought some items and shirts. Then went back again to Bugis to check other items. Afterwards, we returned to The Waterina and invited Ma'am Thet for dinner.

We found this small carinderia and it was a Vietnam-Thai resto. Grabe, I was really happy because yung anghang na hinahanap ko ay natagpuan ko dito! Hehehe... Ang dami kong nakain! We all enjoyed that dinner. After that nakakabusog na kainan, we prepared ourselves then went directly to the airport. Our flight was delayed by two hours, kainis! But the memories we had in Singapore were unforgettable and we really enjoyed our stay in that country.


Anonymous said...

hi cALoy

Nice to read your blogs... could you please tell me where i can buy one cheap laptop in singapore... i 'm visiting for 2 days the next week..


carlomalbas said...

hi vijay thanks for dropping by... the place where you can find cheap laptops is in Funan. You just need to take the MRT and stop at the City Hall station. The arrows are so helpful that it will point you to Funan. Have a happy trip!

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