Sunday, March 30, 2008

Team Dinner at MoA

Last 7th of March, the java team of our department held the quarterly team bonding at MoA by the Bay. The first thing that must be done was the purchasing of seafoods that we will eat. Our group was assigned to that task. We bought a lot (ayoko na isa isahin madami kasi...) and I think we spent three thousand pesos for that. After the pamamalengke, we proceeded to the place kung san namin ipapaluto ang mga seafods na yun!

The place was called GT Squared Palutuan. Medyo matagal silang magluto but the good thing is masarap naman yung mga food. But I was kinda disappointed on the sweet and sour fish, masyado naging crispy yung fish! Unlike with the other restaurant that we previously tried, the fish was steamed. But everybody enjoyed the food and as usual may natira. It was a flood and overflowing foods! Sobrang busog kaming lahat. The other good part is that meron akong baon! Hehehe... Inuwi ko yung mga fish! Hahaha...

Also that night, we celebrated Tamie's birthday! The team bought two cheesecakes for her! And thank God dahil kinain namin ung isa... hehehe...

Our super sarap and super nakakabusog na dinner lasted for I think around 10:30 in the evening. We were all delighted that even for that time, we forgot about work! We just enjoyed each other's company and making kuwentuhans and tsismisans. It was a great night!

Click here for more pictures!


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