Sunday, May 25, 2008

Before the Romanian Life

Last 3rd of May, we had this small swimming fun in a resort in Rizal. It was actually a predespedida celebration for my oldest sister. Ate was scheduled to leave the country for Romania where she will work for at least three years.

It was an immediate plan and no preparations were made. We just packed our bags and made a rush "pamimili" in the market and in 7-11. The family celebration we had is very simple and it was intended to Ate. As of writing, Ate is now in Romania, she left last 9th of May and I wasn't able to be with her on that day as I was in Boracay having my summer fun!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Allan's Bday Treat

Last 23rd of April, we celebrated Allan's birthday in MoA by the bay. It was a dampa style and we had our dinner in Trinity. Actually it was my idea to try Trinity because I have tried it there before and I assured them that we will have a very delicious meal and I was right! I was also with Ivy, Sonny and Chichi. Our other dear friend Ann was not available that time.

We had a total of 7 dishes! For me, lahat masarap but I have limitations on what I will eat since I'm not allowed to eat authentic seafoods except for fish! Allan was so satisfied with the adobong pusit. I loved how the tilapia was cooked!

We had a great time that night celebrating Allan's birthday! Lahat kami nabusog and we were all carrying lots of fats and calories inside our stomach that night. More pictures can be seen by clicking here.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008


On the third week of April, I met my good friends in Megamall. It was a two day night out. We had dinner in Dencio's and had a cup of coffee in Starbucks. On that week, I had my dinner twice in Dencio's and twice sipping good coffee of Starbucks.

The first one was on the 15th of April with Kristine (I usually call her Nene). Actually it was a birthday treat from both of us. Nene celebrated her birthday last 4th of January and mine was 26th on the same month. Hahaha... ang tagal bago ang mga treats... heheheh... Anyway, we had a good chat sharing problems and ultimate secrets.

The second one was with breastfriend and obesefriend. It was on the 18th and it was a Friday night. We just texted each other for us to unwind and to meet again and have some dinner and make some kuwentuhans and kumustahans. It was a long night of kulitan and tawanan.

Enjoy life!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Company Outing 2008

Exactly one month ago (April 12), our company outing was held in Montemar Beach in Bagac, Bataan. We left Makati at around 6pm and I think we had 6 buses to accomodate all the employees. It was an over 4 hours of trip. When we arrived there, we looked for tables to put our things and we had the picture taking sessions.

The beach was quite nice, it was almost a white sand pero di lang ganun kakinis.

Afterwards, we had our lunch and it was not that fulfilling food as I only had 1 piece fried chicken, I thought it was a buffet pero it looked like na hindi pala. But it was okay.

The swimming activity came next. It was fun forgetting work and enjoy the summer heat. We left the beach at around 6pm.

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