Saturday, May 17, 2008

Allan's Bday Treat

Last 23rd of April, we celebrated Allan's birthday in MoA by the bay. It was a dampa style and we had our dinner in Trinity. Actually it was my idea to try Trinity because I have tried it there before and I assured them that we will have a very delicious meal and I was right! I was also with Ivy, Sonny and Chichi. Our other dear friend Ann was not available that time.

We had a total of 7 dishes! For me, lahat masarap but I have limitations on what I will eat since I'm not allowed to eat authentic seafoods except for fish! Allan was so satisfied with the adobong pusit. I loved how the tilapia was cooked!

We had a great time that night celebrating Allan's birthday! Lahat kami nabusog and we were all carrying lots of fats and calories inside our stomach that night. More pictures can be seen by clicking here.


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