Sunday, June 8, 2008

BORA Adventure

My summer vacation this year was in BORACAY! I was with my bestfriend and her girlfriend April, obsefriend, Rhea and her new boyfriend Butch. It was on the 8th of May to 11th. Our flight was 7 in the morning and we arrived in Kalibo at around 8. Then we travel by land for almost 2 hours just to reach Caticlan port. We then rode a boat that brought us to the island. And YES, Boracay is so beautiful! With pure white sand and water that is so satisfying! The beauty of the island is so captivating and you will be relaxed.

Our first day was a picture taking sessions, thank God my bestfriend is now an excellent photographer. He brought his SLR camera and the results were priceless picture moments. We tried to tour the whole island as much as possible. Navigating from Station 1 to 3. Whew! It was quite tiring to do a long walk but the sceneries were so refreshing and breathtaking.

With regards to the adventures or activities that we did, we just had a very simple outline. We went to the Cyrstal Cove and made a tour on their caves. Actually it should have been an island hopping and yes, it was the only island that we conquered. Afterwards, they made their snorkling activity. Pretty simple but it was really enjoyable.

The night gimmicks were mostly food tripping! But there was an MTV show and we opted to watched at least 2 hours I guess. Back to the food, we always had an 'Eat All You Can'! Eating a lot like there's no tomorrow! Hehehe... But in totality, we enjoyed all the foods that we ate and NO, there is no diet on that time. If you're travelling, dieting is not advisable, heheheh!!!

More pictures can be seen by clicking here. Pictures were taken by my bestfriend and they were nice! Ang laki na ng naimprove nya... hehehe...


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iv been waiting for this blog! nice...very nice!!!

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