Saturday, June 21, 2008

Music and Movie Review

Madonna (Hard Candy) - Last month, I bought the latest copy of Madonna's newest album, Hard Candy. Yes, I'm a Madonna fan! Hehehe... I also bought her last album Confessions On A Dancefloor (see my blog entry for this by clicking here). Back to the new album, on the first time that I listened to it, I loved it instantly. Madonna reinvted her music by putting RnB styles on her pop music. It is indeed a refreshing music from her. The beats are all good and the lyrics were indeed meaningful. The main themes for this album are love, revenge, sex and music.

The Forbidden Kingdom - I'm not a Jackie Chan or Jet Li fan and I went to this movie not expecting too much story or directingwise. I was actually expecting great fight scenes and this movie did not disappoint me. The story actually worked well and it was much funnier than I thought it would be. The fight scenes were cool and it made the movie quite enjoyable for me. What remains to be judged for me is the quality of the stories is the abundance of spectacle, charm of the characters and the most part, this movie thankfully delivers on at least two of those necessary to pass for being a successful martial art fantasy. Despite being relatively light in tone and rather fun, I felt a disconnect with the story and the characters during the parts but these are often necessary challenges which face any movie. In totality, the movie is quite good.

Iron Man - Watching this movie sent me a good message - that what matters in life is family/loved ones - not money. It also showed a man struggling to choose to do what is right despite opposition. What I also liked about this film was the humor that was laced throught the movie, Downy gave a very good portrayal for this role and he is indeed a good actor. The movie was very entertaining without a single boring moment throughout. The special effects were very good, actually, it was jaw dropping. The visual is just breathtaking. The storyline is every bit as good. It has it's serious side to its super hero element.

What Happens in Vegas - This is a great light hearted movie with lots of laughs. All I can say is, it's a movie people. It did what it was suppose to do, to entertain the audience and put a smile on their face. This movie doesn't require a lot of brain power just to understand the story, very simple and straight forward but very predictable. The movie was not phenomenal but it was entertaining.

The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian - The movie just seems rushed, eager to get the action scenes, I don't know but I had difficulty following the phases and I was confused. The action scenes seems to be boring, all of them every single action scene, I was not impressed. It seems like they are trying to load more action scenes and yes, it was overloaded, there was no intimate focus on the characters. Also, the acting wasn't that good compare to the first. The movie also seemed to be one long, drawn out fight sequence. The character development seemed non-existent, it was nearly impossible for me to develop a connection with any of the characters. Well, the movie does awesome special effects. Eventhough the musical score is very similar to the first movie, I found it very evocative; it really built emotion during many, many battle scenes. In short, good special effects but poor story. The first Narnia movie is better.


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