Tuesday, July 29, 2008

The Office

It's almost a month now since I have arrived here in Singapore and working here. With regards to my new work environment, at first I was really in the state of asking myself... 'Is this really an office?'. Simply because the interior design and structure of the office is quite nice. It seems like you're not in the office at all but the working mood here is really light.

The diagonal designs of the desks were quite interesting. Matched with bright colors like orange, red, black, yellow and green. Unlike in my previous work in Manila, I am using here a desktop kaya medyo nanibago ulit ako sa paghawak ng desktop. But overall, I liked the network policy here, actually, no policy at all. You can download what you want (wag lang mp3s and videos) and install what will satisfy you like messengers and other freewares. You can surf all your favorite sites without coming to a page 'Website blocked'.

Another great impact of this office is the recreation center. We have here billiards table, Wii and Foozball. Just recently, the company held a Pool tournament here and a Pinoy won! Hehehe... He beat a big boss here and the Pinoys were all delighted and we received a merienda treat from him. Another reason why I love here (at the moment) is the coffee brewer. It was called Espresso, a machine where you can brew your own coffee using a mini coffee tablets. We also have here Milo and biscuits for free. Well, that was a quick tour here on my second home in Singapore.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Fitness First Branches Tour (Part Three)

Weight loss is still my number one priority even if I am here in Singapore. As of weighing, I have lost 4.5kg in 15 days of stay here. Yes, I am still working out here in Fitness First Singapore. But first, I will give my third notes on my Fitness First branches tour in the Philipines. I have visited a total of 15 branches in the Philippines! Whew! Such an achievement for me. Maybe the next title for my tour would be "Fitness First Branches Tour - goes International" hehehehe... Here's the list of the last 5 branches I have visited in the Philippines:

1. SM Mall of Asia - I visited this branch when I had this MoA field trip with my former officemates. The environment inside the gym was quite nice but I just didn't like the airconditioning state of the place. Parang masyadong malamig, konti lang ipinawis ko. But then it was my first time to see the electronic locker room, it will make you feel that your personal belongings are secured and safe. As far as I remember, the second floor was quite big and the free weights area has a nice view.

2. SM Megamall - On my first visit here, the staff told me that it was a dry run day only so the treadmills were not yet working. Their locker room is also in electronic form. The entire area is very clean maybe because this branch is the newest. It has three workout/exercise rooms such as group exercise (which is quite big), the cycling studio and the mind and body room. The equipments were not that complete and it has only few abs tools. Maybe today, there are more equipments now since the area is really wide. My sister is a pioneer member on this branch.

3. SM Southmall - The architectural design of this branch is exactly the same of the Cebu and Robinson's Manila branches. The original state of the area was a cinema and was converted to a huge and very wide area of fitness center. The area is really big with balcony and orchestra segment. There were many cardio equipments and I loved it instantly. I just didn't like the free weights area.

4. Alabang - I visited this branch on the same day I visited SM Southmall. I was with Harold, Ryan and Topher (Jeph was inside the BodyCare, nagpapamasahe). This branch stood on it's own building and the body care is separated from the center proper. The free weights area is wide but they have only few abs equipments. The unit for Fruit Magic is so small compared to the other branches. The locker room seems quite nice and clean.

5. Metro East - I loved the cardio area, daming treadmills! The equipments were properly arranged. On the other hand, I didn't like the shower area specially the sauna bath, parang ang liit. The reception is very accomodating, the waiting area is also a genuine space. I saw an instructor that was previously assigned in Makati branch. The other trainors are very helpful and attentive for some questions and queries.

*Images are from fitnessfirst.com.ph
Part One
Part Two

Sunday, July 13, 2008

From Hotel To 'Home'

Upon arriving here in Singapore last June 30, I immediately checked in the Happy Hotel. I arrived there at around 12 noon. I booked online to this hotel and what I can say, the price is very cheap. But at first I was worried because paying cheap in a hotel may result to non satisfaction of my 6 days of stay.

Surprisingly, I was amazed by this hotel. Paying very cheap but the service and the room itself is quite nice. The room is so clean with tv connected to cable. The aircon works fine and the location itself is the best! Even at night, the area is still awake for some reasons... hehehe... Anyway, I enjoyed the stay in this hotel but the not so good part is that there is no free wifi internet. I have to pay $1 for 15 minutes of surfing, so expensive!

After a wide search for the permanent place that I will stay, thanks to PinoySG.com for the accomodations posts and now found myself living here in Wing Fong Mansions. The location is quite near the hotel (hotel is in Lorong 10 and Wing Fong Mansions is in Lorong 14) so I did not encounter difficulty in the "paglilipat" process. The rent is S$350 per month.

There I met my housemates namely Cindy, Daisy and the father of the unit, hehehe... Celso. They were so nice and funny. The room was not that big but the most important thing is that I am comfortable. The unit is fully furnished, with TFC and finally, WiFi internet for only $16 per month. The bathroom is nice and thank God, there was an automatic washing machine. This is my 'home' here in Singapore and hopefully there will be no problem in staying here.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hong Kong Trip

Before going here in Singapore, I had a wonderful and rainy trip in Hong Kong (June 13 to 16). Actually, this is my second visit in this country. My first visit was in 2005 and you may see some pictures here. Anyway, I had a lot of fun in this second visit, although the timing wasn't that good (may bagyo sa HK), we still managed to enjoy the trip.

Our first day was Disneyland day. It was raining in the morning but at around 2pm, the rain was gone. The theme park tour was a lot of fun! We did not waste time and we all tried to check each of the rides and some sceneries around the park. We also watched some program and shows and all were great! The picture takings were of course a part of the tour and yes, only for Disneyland, we generated almost 1,500 pictures. Di kami addict sa picture di ba? Hehehe...

On the next day, we toured the temples around the city. Wow, the temples were really nice and they were such a view! We advised ourselves to be respectful as some of the temples are prohibiting picture takings. The temple tour was a tiring trip as we were required to walk and walk and walk. But as we saw the scenes inside the temples, it was breath taking.

Also on the second day, we went to the Peak. We rode the on this train (tram ba tawag dun?) that brought us to the highest level of the country. There, we toured the shops around the Peak and waited for the night. When it was dark, we went directly to the sky terrace and wow! On that point, you can see the beatiful buildings with different color and spark of lights, whew! the night was so lovely.

We went to the Avenue of the Stars on our last day. The day was beautiful, it was not that hot and the clouds were great. We enjoyed the day and took a lot of pictures! Also on our last day, we had a super shopping and namili ng mga pampasalubongs!

With the regards to the food, it was not really typical as we just ordered noodles normally. Most of our breakfast sessions were held in Cafe de Coral, hehehe... We also had a merienda in McDonalds when we were in The Peak. We tried the Food Republic (actually para syang food court) when we went to the "cable car" place but unfortunately, there was a landslide so we were not able to make a ride on it. Anyway, the totality of the tour was great and we all enjoyed our short vacation in Hong Kong. More pictures here.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

A New Journey in Singapore

I left the Philippines last 30th of June to explore and gain experience here in Singapore. I am currently employed to a banking software provider here but the company name? It's a secret for a moment. Anyway, I arrived here at around 11 in the morning. I entered as a tourist and took the MRT and went to Kallang station. From there, I took a cab and made my way to Happy Hotel where I will be staying for 5 nights. The cost? 70sgd per night. But the hotel was really nice... malinis naman sya eh at maayos pa!

What I did the first day, Monday, was to look for the building of my work just to make sure that I won't be late on my first day at work. From Kallang, it was an eleven stations away to reach Buona Vista station. I took a bus then stopped at Science Park Drive. There I found our building and was so glad to see it. My first day at work was as usual to all new joiners, puro basa, basa and basa. Also, on the first day, inasikaso ko ung Employment Pass ko and thank God because within 1 day, I got my EPass and it was a P2 level.... hehehe...

My main problem here was a place to stay. I was searching almost everyday and finally, I have found the perfect place for me. It resides in Lorong 14 in Geylang. I'll post some pictures of this condo in the future. Also, the hotel where I stayed, I'll post some pictures also. Right now, I'm doing fine but still adjusting on the lifestyle here... lahat mahal!

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