Sunday, July 13, 2008

From Hotel To 'Home'

Upon arriving here in Singapore last June 30, I immediately checked in the Happy Hotel. I arrived there at around 12 noon. I booked online to this hotel and what I can say, the price is very cheap. But at first I was worried because paying cheap in a hotel may result to non satisfaction of my 6 days of stay.

Surprisingly, I was amazed by this hotel. Paying very cheap but the service and the room itself is quite nice. The room is so clean with tv connected to cable. The aircon works fine and the location itself is the best! Even at night, the area is still awake for some reasons... hehehe... Anyway, I enjoyed the stay in this hotel but the not so good part is that there is no free wifi internet. I have to pay $1 for 15 minutes of surfing, so expensive!

After a wide search for the permanent place that I will stay, thanks to for the accomodations posts and now found myself living here in Wing Fong Mansions. The location is quite near the hotel (hotel is in Lorong 10 and Wing Fong Mansions is in Lorong 14) so I did not encounter difficulty in the "paglilipat" process. The rent is S$350 per month.

There I met my housemates namely Cindy, Daisy and the father of the unit, hehehe... Celso. They were so nice and funny. The room was not that big but the most important thing is that I am comfortable. The unit is fully furnished, with TFC and finally, WiFi internet for only $16 per month. The bathroom is nice and thank God, there was an automatic washing machine. This is my 'home' here in Singapore and hopefully there will be no problem in staying here.


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