Saturday, July 12, 2008

Hong Kong Trip

Before going here in Singapore, I had a wonderful and rainy trip in Hong Kong (June 13 to 16). Actually, this is my second visit in this country. My first visit was in 2005 and you may see some pictures here. Anyway, I had a lot of fun in this second visit, although the timing wasn't that good (may bagyo sa HK), we still managed to enjoy the trip.

Our first day was Disneyland day. It was raining in the morning but at around 2pm, the rain was gone. The theme park tour was a lot of fun! We did not waste time and we all tried to check each of the rides and some sceneries around the park. We also watched some program and shows and all were great! The picture takings were of course a part of the tour and yes, only for Disneyland, we generated almost 1,500 pictures. Di kami addict sa picture di ba? Hehehe...

On the next day, we toured the temples around the city. Wow, the temples were really nice and they were such a view! We advised ourselves to be respectful as some of the temples are prohibiting picture takings. The temple tour was a tiring trip as we were required to walk and walk and walk. But as we saw the scenes inside the temples, it was breath taking.

Also on the second day, we went to the Peak. We rode the on this train (tram ba tawag dun?) that brought us to the highest level of the country. There, we toured the shops around the Peak and waited for the night. When it was dark, we went directly to the sky terrace and wow! On that point, you can see the beatiful buildings with different color and spark of lights, whew! the night was so lovely.

We went to the Avenue of the Stars on our last day. The day was beautiful, it was not that hot and the clouds were great. We enjoyed the day and took a lot of pictures! Also on our last day, we had a super shopping and namili ng mga pampasalubongs!

With the regards to the food, it was not really typical as we just ordered noodles normally. Most of our breakfast sessions were held in Cafe de Coral, hehehe... We also had a merienda in McDonalds when we were in The Peak. We tried the Food Republic (actually para syang food court) when we went to the "cable car" place but unfortunately, there was a landslide so we were not able to make a ride on it. Anyway, the totality of the tour was great and we all enjoyed our short vacation in Hong Kong. More pictures here.


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