Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Miles Away

Yes, it's true, I miss my family. We are all separated by four countries. My mother and my sisters are in the Philippines, my father is working in Saudi Arabia, my oldest sister is doing her best to reach her dreams in Romania and I am here in Singapore, alone but happy fulfilling my future. Eventhough we were separated by our work, we ensure that there is a constant communication between all of us.

Thanks to the internet as I can see my sisters' face on webcam while we are chatting. As usual, nanjan ang kulitan and kumustahan sa aming lahat. Even my mother knows how to chat with matching headset. In this way, the loneliness is lessen and this helps me to be stronger. I am living independently here but I know with their prayers, I can make it. Knowing that they are all in good condition and having wonder lives everyday, it makes me feel great facing my everyday routines here.

With my father, since he is not an internet person, I usually call him to his cellphone and we are exchanging text messages. I am planning to have a Christmas vacation but he is not yet allowed to because he just renewed his contract. He will come back to the Philippines on March to attend my bunsong kapatid's high school graduation. Maybe I can also be there on that time, taking vacation leave again, hehehe... But the heck, airline tickets on Christmas season is so MAHAL! Let's see what will happen.


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