Monday, August 18, 2008

Singapore's 43rd National Day

Last 9th of August, Singapore celebrated it's 43rd National Day. Since it was my first time to witness this event, I made it sure to see it. Together with my officemates Gilyn, Sherelyn and Kit, we headed to the center place of the event. It was near the Merlion and The Esplanade. We searched for place where we can sit and we found ourselves in the middle of the bridge. The view was okay because the primary reason we went there was the air show.

That day, it was about to rain, buti ambon lang then nawala na rin. But the show must still go on. With a huge screen, we can see the activities from the main stage. We were all amazed by the air show. The jet planes were creating different shapes from their smoke. Also, there were plane exhibitions and formations, and whew! that was great! There were many people witnessed the said event, from different nations and races. After the air show, we were all tired and decided to go to Bugis to have dinner and little shopping.

We had our dinner KFC, grabe miss ko na rin KFC. I ordered chicken and fries and no, they don't serve rice here. But we still enjoyed our food and after that, the girls went on super shopping. Wala naman akong napamili because I have visited Bugis last February pa. After that tiring day, we all separated our ways at around 9 in the evening.


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