Monday, August 4, 2008

The Superheroes

1. The Incredible Hulk - I think this version is quite better and was worth the money spent to remake it. Though the special effects were not that good, the story was well balanced with action and plot. Other good point of the movie was that they finally showed the other personality of The Hulk, the one who is weak on controlling his anger. Yes, Edward Norton is a great actor but I didn't find his predicament in this movie to be very compelling. On the "plus" side, the movie is an outstanding action flick with good pacing. The "minus" part, there was a couple of flaws in the story line, the dialogues could have been more forceful. There was a bit hasty wind up to the action scene that was going really well in the end. Well, it wasn't that good and it wasn't that bad.

2. Wanted - I can say that this movie did not surprise me with the twist that was plotted. The story is familiar but is done right. I can say that it has a perfect cast. Action scenes were spectacular and that's the big thing in this movie but there was nothing really groundbreaking thing but it was still entertaining. There was also a kind of goofy at some points but the film was enjoyable. Yes, the movie was a thrill ride but offered no real direction and the story line was transparent from beginning to end. But I did like this movie somewhat. The effects are great, the stunts are cool. I am all for story tellers pushing the envelope, and I like creative ways of telling stories, but this one came up just a little short. It's as if they tried too hard to be hard and cool, and didn't quite make it.

3. Hancock - This is the first movie that I watched here in Singapore. For this movie, I can say that it is a visual thrill. The special effects department was the only branch that was truly dedicated in creating this film. Yes, excellent effects but the script? Nah, it seems like you're going to a pointless plot and too narrowly driven. I just didn't like the story, that's it. For a movie with a skyscraper of expectation, it falls in on itself for lack of structure and visual appeal alone cannot save it, the great deal of the conversations is just a plain lame. I don't know what is the real intention of this movie. Is it suppose to be funny? touching? vulgar? what? It changed directions too many times and awkwardy for you to get a good feel of what they were aiming for.

4. The Dark Knight - One word... amazing! I can say that this is the greatest movie so far that I have watched this year. Ledger really did a great job! I enjoyed this movie mainly because even through all the twsited violence and insane action, it truly was a story of the human condition and we won. But the movie is about more than a criminal who churns through the Gotham City, leaving a trail of death, anarchy and chaos. It's about the line between lawman and lawbreaker, between hero and villain, between bringing people to justince and turning into a vigilante, and what a good man or men will do when faced with soul-shattering loss. Great effects and perfect script that made the line "Why so serious?" famous.


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