Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week was a heck of super chores. I know this will come, that I will feel tired of doing things that I don't used to do for the past 2-3 years. I went to FairPrice in Paya Lebar to do the grocery and bought my supply for 2 weeks and it was only S$56.40, tipid na di ba? Compared to everyday buying of cooked meals on the hawkers or to other food establishments. I also did the laundry though it wasn't that hard, kakapagod pa rin maghanger ng damit... hehehe... Then I cooked Chicken Adobo na magiging baon ko for one week, sobrang tipid... hahaha... I also prepared tuna spread and it will be my meriend also for a week. I also did the ironing of my clothes for one month. Waaaahhh... it was really tiring and ang sakit sa kamay. I also have to clean my room. I was not doing these chores for so long after my mother left her work to be a full time housewife. Well, I chose this kind of life and I should stand on this decision. On the other hand, I am enjoying this setup, living independently.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

The Thaiventure

My first vacation since I live here in Singapore took place last 22nd to 26th of August in Thailand! It was a memorable moment with my friends Allan, Ann, Anthony, Chichi and Ivy together with her boyfriend Sonny and sister Irene, a total of 8 tourists! It was also a good thing that our former officemate Off was our official tour guide and sort of photographer and yes, he is good in photography. We all met in the airport and went directly to our hotel in Samran Place.

The hotel was really nice, very neat and very accomodating guard. The most important thing was that the room was very comfortabel to sleep with. We were all amazed by the rooms and it was a good deal for a very cheap price hotel and take note, free breakfast was included.

Our first day was of a Wat(temple) tour. Off arrived in the hotel just in time for us to leave, he brought his powerful camera. We took mrt and also boat as our means of transportation. We visited mostly the so-called "new temples" and they were all great. Grabe ang gaganda ng temples. Even the buddha was breathtaking. The only thing that was uncomfortable to us was the heat! Grabe ang init and puro lakad kame! Pawis na pawis na kaming lahat, but still the journey must continue. We are tourists and we should not complain, hehehe... Then we went to Chatuchak for some shopping spree and yes, mura talaga ang mga items dun. That night after our temple tour, we went to Ma'am Rhose's place and we had our dinner. She was our project lead way back in the Fujitsu days. After that short visit, we went to Pathpong (tama ba spelling?) and the experience was a history, I will not give any details on the Thai Girl show... nyahahaha...

On our second day... mas mainit!!! Good thing we hired a van as our major means of transportation. Thanks again to Off. The driver was very nice and Off brought his Vietnamese officemate Zhang (yun nga ba yung name?) to make a tour in Ayutthaya! Mostly mga ruins na temples naman dito, yung mga luma na and sira sira. But still, the view and the sight was really great. We also watched an elephant show and they were really cute and nakakatuwa dahil sumasayaw sila... Hahaha... We had our lunch in this cool restaurant and Pad Thai was an instant favorite! Good thing there is a store here in Singapore that sells Pad Thai.

Later that night, we had our dinner in Baiyoke. It was an ultimate buffet and we really enjoyed the foods! We also headed to the top spot of the building where they said that it was the highest peak in Bangkok. The view from the top was really nice! It was like a view in The Peak in Hong Kong and the only difference is yung umiikot kami habang nasa tuktok ng building. In our last day, what all we did was super shopping! Grabe ang tagal namin sa MBK and we bought many items and some pasalubongs and souvenirs. The experience in Thailand was really great! For sure me kasunod pang trips! More pictures here!

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