Friday, September 26, 2008


Last week was a heck of super chores. I know this will come, that I will feel tired of doing things that I don't used to do for the past 2-3 years. I went to FairPrice in Paya Lebar to do the grocery and bought my supply for 2 weeks and it was only S$56.40, tipid na di ba? Compared to everyday buying of cooked meals on the hawkers or to other food establishments. I also did the laundry though it wasn't that hard, kakapagod pa rin maghanger ng damit... hehehe... Then I cooked Chicken Adobo na magiging baon ko for one week, sobrang tipid... hahaha... I also prepared tuna spread and it will be my meriend also for a week. I also did the ironing of my clothes for one month. Waaaahhh... it was really tiring and ang sakit sa kamay. I also have to clean my room. I was not doing these chores for so long after my mother left her work to be a full time housewife. Well, I chose this kind of life and I should stand on this decision. On the other hand, I am enjoying this setup, living independently.


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