Friday, October 10, 2008


The following phrases are for those people whom I hurt intentionally and unintentionally, directly or indirectly. I know sometimes I abuse your kindness and pushed you to your limitations, Really, sorry is the hardest word.

Sorry for not respecting other's cultures and spreading out words that are below the belt and sluring your capabilities and origins.

Sorry for not treasuring all your help and kindness to me, I maybe sometimes a funny person but deep inside, I have these demon and naughty mind.

Sorry for thinking only myself and not considering any opinions and feedbacks that may affect my life in the near future.

Sorry for putting some uneasiness acts on you that sometimes I know you are not comfortable with but rest assured that those were for fun and I'm not serious about it.

Sorry for sometimes being insensitive that even you have showed me everything, still I don't feel the same way and I can't give you what you deserve.

Sorry for spending much money because of my travel habits, kindly understand that I just want to roam the world and discover new things and learn experiences that my help me to grow maturely and become more responsible and independent.

Sorry for not being there when you needed me most as sometimes I don't put you on priority because of these things that I can't take away from me.

Sorry for not respecting you as an older person and give you the right way of appreciation of what you have become because of your attitude.

Sorry for being not consistent that sometimes I still do those things that I have promised not to execute again but I am maybe still weak.

Sorry for not understanding your situation sometimes but I have this in my mind that you have chosen that path and you have to stood on it and be strong enough to face challenges but still, I am just here always ready to help you.

Sorry for sometimes I shout at you and almost giving up on helping you but deep inside of my heart, it hurts me everytime I hurt you.



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