Monday, November 17, 2008

The Return

I was so happy when it came to my knowledge that Ne-Yo and John Legend will be releasing new album this year. I'm a big fan of RnB music, I immediately searched the internet for the release dates of those albums.

1. Ne-Yo (Year of the Gentlemen) - Last year, I was also managed to purchase his previous album, Because of You (see post here). I even watch his concert last February in Manila... His newest album has 13 tracks and they are still with the taste of my RnB music. My former colleague in Misys (Louie) gave me a link on where to download his copy of the album. But after one week, I decided to buy the original... hehehe... I ripped it to my iPod and listened to it for about 6 times a day. My instant favorites were "Mad" and "So You Can Cry".

2. John Legend (Evolver) - Yes, I'm a John Legend fan and even his previous album, Once Again, I was able to bought it way back in November 2006! (see post here). With his new album, he had collaborations with Brandy, Andre 3000, Estelle and Kanye West. It was also a 13-track album with 2 bonus tracks. My favorite tracks were "Everybody Knows" and "Good Morning". He did not fail me on my craving to hear his newest RnB music. I just wish that I can catch him live on a concert for sure I'll be on the front seat! Hehehe...

Monday, November 3, 2008

First Halloween in SG

It was the first time that I was not on the cemetery where my sister lies. Usually in Pasig, we will visit her during this season and we are bringing foods, candles and flowers as a present to her. But this year, I observed this season with my housemates here in Singapore. They invited their friends to come over and I joined them. Ate Cindy baked pizza while Ate Daisy cooked vegetables. We lighted 5 candles on the terrace and we had our own praying moment on that site. I was so lonely and I was thinking that this wouldn't be the only season I'm not with my family. The night became a celebration of fun as they enjoyed singing on Magic Sing. I can't sing that time because of the f*cking "singaw"... hehehe. On the brighter side, I tried to watch XXX (Eksplosibong Eksklusibong Expose) on the internet because I missed the "Magandang Gabi Bayan" days where they feature frightening documentaries. With XXX... waaaahhh!!! di ko tinapos... kakatakot... ahahaha... I'll try to watch it maybe next week.

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