Monday, November 3, 2008

First Halloween in SG

It was the first time that I was not on the cemetery where my sister lies. Usually in Pasig, we will visit her during this season and we are bringing foods, candles and flowers as a present to her. But this year, I observed this season with my housemates here in Singapore. They invited their friends to come over and I joined them. Ate Cindy baked pizza while Ate Daisy cooked vegetables. We lighted 5 candles on the terrace and we had our own praying moment on that site. I was so lonely and I was thinking that this wouldn't be the only season I'm not with my family. The night became a celebration of fun as they enjoyed singing on Magic Sing. I can't sing that time because of the f*cking "singaw"... hehehe. On the brighter side, I tried to watch XXX (Eksplosibong Eksklusibong Expose) on the internet because I missed the "Magandang Gabi Bayan" days where they feature frightening documentaries. With XXX... waaaahhh!!! di ko tinapos... kakatakot... ahahaha... I'll try to watch it maybe next week.


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