Friday, December 26, 2008

Themes of Action

These four movies are all the same in the manner of action theme, they only differs on how the story, direction and the screenplay were executed to provide a comedy, hard action, suspense, thriller, absurdity and an intelligent era of such genre.

1. Eagle Eye - I found this film very entertaining for a modern day of action movie. But the story, its been done before and is not plausible. It doesn't have an original concept, it was too predictable. The action scenes, on the other hand were great but there are few unnecessary explosions that I thought was not much needed on some of the scenes. Some of the scenes were great, the visual effects were quite interesting and seems like giving you an adrenaline rush. This movie isn't just random action. The scenes were clever and intense, and the plot twists are pretty interesting as well, albeit sometimes corny or like what I said, predictable. I liked it because it has a "sci-fi" theme. On the acting side, I think Shia Lebouf did a nice job, very convincing and with sense of humor. Overall, the movie wasn't that nice or wasn't that bad.

2. Tropic Thunder - Our company rented a whole cinema house for us, they said it was from the teambuilding funds. We watched it in Vivo City. A scrumptiously twisted story with a filthy mix of a controversial comedy equals to Tropical Thunder. Super perfect cast and the script was awesome. I thought it was just a great comedy to begin with but when they started the opening scenes it was just amazing how funny it was. Whew! I loved this film... so hilarious, We laughed 'til our eyes were burning. I think the concept was something new, the actors were great... the best! All of them did a great job. Especially Ben Stiller being the actor, producer and director. What really impressed was the magic on how the comedy was instantiated with action scenes. The explosives were great and the action scenes... although not that impressive, it managed to show the lighter side of an action filled movie.

3. Quantum of Solace - As you all know, I'm a big fan of Bond movie, in short... I loved this film! Hahaha... Daniel returned os 007 and for the second time, impressed me with his portrayal of the famous secret agent. There is something in him that really suits to the role which is more violent and intense. Bond in this storyline explained how he started out and with each move you will see him developing into a more mature and less impulsive character. In this latest 007 film, you have to appreciate the fact that you can actually feel his internal turmoil, his drive and rage. It is perfect in its execution, flawless in its action, sexy in its choice of Bond girls and righteous in its devotion in making an AWESOME Bond spy movie. Kudos also the villain actor, he fits to the role. The action scenes were as usual as heart pumping, you can also see in each fight not some suave, predictable scene but a real struggle. On the screenplay side, the story fits right into ethos of the 21st century - environmental exploitation and government duplicity.

4. Body of Lies - My bestfriend and I watched this movie together, it was our first time watching together here in Singapore. The cast was superb, with lead stars DiCaprio and Crowe, for sure no question on acting performance. They did well and executed it the right way it should be, they did a strong performance. The storyline is really nice and it makes you keep thinking that what's gonna happen next. The story kept you guessing and it was visually gritty and the action sequences were top notch. Body of Lies has its own uniqueness and carries a strong action scenes. I think this is a great movie. I was entertained the entire time, there was thrill, there was suspense, there was compassion, there were thought provoking moments.

Monday, December 15, 2008

Bestfriend is in Town!

I picked up my best buddy last November 10, right after my arrival from Indonesia. His arrival was 10 in the morning while mine was 12 noon. So he waited for over 2 hours. The problem that day was that my cellphone was empty battery so I looked for an outlet where I can charge it inside the airport! Hahaha... Luckily, I have found one and met best in McDonald's. Then we headed to my place where we rested for a while and left again to eat dinner and to look for money changer. We went to Orchard and showed him the popular place for Filipinos here... in Lucky Plaza... hahaha... Afterwards, I brought him to his Uncle's place because he stayed there for I think 2 weeks but currently, he is now staying with me in Geylang.

I have accompanied him to several places here in Singapore. We came to National Museum, it was my first time there so I also enjoyed it and learned a bit of information about SG's history. The place was quite cool as it was not crowded that day. Best enjoyed taking pictures, click these links (1,2,3) to see his nice shots. After that tour in museum, we headed to my friend's pool party in Central Grove because she celebrated her birthday. We had our dinner there, hehehe... but we were not prepared to swim as we did not bring any swimming garments. Best also took pictures of the place, take a look here.

Our next trip was in Suntec City, I treated him for a nice Korean dinner. Actually, I was on sick leave that day but I have to go to Suntec to get medical certificate from a clinic there. As usual, he took a lot of pictures again but the fountain that time was not at it's picturesque scene so we decided that we will just return to the place to have a nice and masterpiece photo of the fountain. Check his photos on the Suntec City here.

Singapore zoo was the next place we headed to. It was a free ticket from my housemate's friend. Nakalibre kami ng entrance. I think the news on the White Tiger and Malaysia tragedy was still a big buzz that time. The view for the tiger was closed that moment. But still, we enjoyed "animal seeing" of the place but I am telling you, it was so tiring, puro lakad, para akong nagtreadmill ng 1 hour. Pictures in the zoo can be viewed here. I think we stayed on the zoo for at least 3 or 4 hours then we decided to go home but first, we had dinner in AMK Hub. Best and I separated from them after the dinner because we came back to Suntec City for the night photoshoot of the Fountain of Wealth.

We hurried to Suntec City and best was running that time... nakakatawa mukha nya... When we arrived there, he immediately took out the tripod and his camera and started to photoshoot. I was kinda tired that time so I decided to take a seat and waited for him to finish his job. If you look on his photos here, wow, I think he is really good on the craft of photography... galing... pwede na... hehehe... It was a tiring night so we said goodbyes and parted ways to take a rest after the photoshoot.

Days before I leave for my vacation in Manila, we went to Bugis for a mini shopping. We bought bags and several items that I will bring in Manila. Then we had a merienda on Long John Silvers. After that, I also accompanied him on his Esplanade and Merlion night shots. Whoa! the pictures were great! Though it was a long walking process, I still enjoyed it. Best was so excited with his shots... View his masterpieces here. As of now, I think we are done with the "pamamasyal" mode to concentrate on his job hunting. Currently, he is waiting for a job offer and I'm sure it will be sooner. Good thing bestfriend is in town, someone who I can talk to and share my experiences and sentiments here. As I also lend my ears to listen to all his stories.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lakwatsa sa Indonesia

I had a very short trip in Jakarta last November 8 to 10. I was with Gilyn, Ate Vinia, She and her friend and Kit and his wife. It was a two day visit to Indonesia. Our flight was 7 in the morning and we arrived there past 8am. The first thing that we did was to exchange our SGD to IDR. We directly went to this money changer and left to eat brunch. To my surprise, the money that I was exchanged was short 1 million IDR. I immediately went back to the money changer and thankfully the staff was kind enough to give me correct amount.

We went to Jakarta for two reasons, a short visit in the city and to attend Ate Joie's (our officemate) wedding. We stayed in the groom's house, specifically in his room. After a short lunch, we were immediately picked up by our tour guide. We visited several old houses and some mini attractions. I forgot the specific name of the place but we heard that it was a tourist spot in Indonesia.

Then we went to Museum Fauna Indonesia, it was a reptile zoo here. The main attraction of the site was the komodo dragon. Someone told us that it was the only remaining komodo in Indonesia... we're not quite sure about that.

We also made a visit to their National Monument and National Museum. There were many Indonesians in this place and I think it was like Rizal Park in Manila. Based on the facts, the top spot of the monument was covered by gold... huwaw! Also, we went to the Old Port, it was another tourist spot in the city. I was just disappointed with the smell of the surrounding that time so I was not able to stay outside that long, instead, I stayed inside van. But the view was picturesque , I think the place performed a great part in their history.

After that, we all felt tired and decided to have our dinner. We went to Jimbaran Resto and we had very very nice dinner!!! Our table was filled with great and delicious foods! And that time, I tested my allergy and thank God no allergies were found upon eating calamares! hahaha... The place was really nice, there were people performing music on the stage while we were eating. We were all full and tried to catch other places in the city but we failed to do so. Most of them were closed already so we just went home to rest and prepare for the wedding the next day.

The next day, we prepared for the big day for Ate Joie. We were all busy the entire morning for the full preparation. We left the house at past 12 and the tradition here was that the groom will go to the bride's place to pick her up. So we went to the hotel where Ate Joie was staying. After that we headed directly to the church, I think it was an Adventist church and the ceremony was quite holy, quiet, solemn and full of tears.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception to eat of course... hehehe... I think it was in Jayapura. There was a dancing number presented by the some ladies dressed in their national costume I guess. The tradition here is that when you eat, you have to stand or if you're lucky, you can have a seat for yourself. I think the guest was around 700 but the available seats were around 100 only. Fortunately, we found seats for ourselves. The foods were great, almost complete from appetizer, main course to the dessert. Right after that whole day activity, we went back to the house to rest and prepare to leave Indonesia. Our flight was 6 in the morning so we hurried to the airport the next day. Even the trip was short, we enjoyed it and it was a chance to meet other people and learn their culture and explore their beloved place. Click here for more pictures from my trip in Indonesia!

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