Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lakwatsa sa Indonesia

I had a very short trip in Jakarta last November 8 to 10. I was with Gilyn, Ate Vinia, She and her friend and Kit and his wife. It was a two day visit to Indonesia. Our flight was 7 in the morning and we arrived there past 8am. The first thing that we did was to exchange our SGD to IDR. We directly went to this money changer and left to eat brunch. To my surprise, the money that I was exchanged was short 1 million IDR. I immediately went back to the money changer and thankfully the staff was kind enough to give me correct amount.

We went to Jakarta for two reasons, a short visit in the city and to attend Ate Joie's (our officemate) wedding. We stayed in the groom's house, specifically in his room. After a short lunch, we were immediately picked up by our tour guide. We visited several old houses and some mini attractions. I forgot the specific name of the place but we heard that it was a tourist spot in Indonesia.

Then we went to Museum Fauna Indonesia, it was a reptile zoo here. The main attraction of the site was the komodo dragon. Someone told us that it was the only remaining komodo in Indonesia... we're not quite sure about that.

We also made a visit to their National Monument and National Museum. There were many Indonesians in this place and I think it was like Rizal Park in Manila. Based on the facts, the top spot of the monument was covered by gold... huwaw! Also, we went to the Old Port, it was another tourist spot in the city. I was just disappointed with the smell of the surrounding that time so I was not able to stay outside that long, instead, I stayed inside van. But the view was picturesque , I think the place performed a great part in their history.

After that, we all felt tired and decided to have our dinner. We went to Jimbaran Resto and we had very very nice dinner!!! Our table was filled with great and delicious foods! And that time, I tested my allergy and thank God no allergies were found upon eating calamares! hahaha... The place was really nice, there were people performing music on the stage while we were eating. We were all full and tried to catch other places in the city but we failed to do so. Most of them were closed already so we just went home to rest and prepare for the wedding the next day.

The next day, we prepared for the big day for Ate Joie. We were all busy the entire morning for the full preparation. We left the house at past 12 and the tradition here was that the groom will go to the bride's place to pick her up. So we went to the hotel where Ate Joie was staying. After that we headed directly to the church, I think it was an Adventist church and the ceremony was quite holy, quiet, solemn and full of tears.

After the ceremony, we went to the reception to eat of course... hehehe... I think it was in Jayapura. There was a dancing number presented by the some ladies dressed in their national costume I guess. The tradition here is that when you eat, you have to stand or if you're lucky, you can have a seat for yourself. I think the guest was around 700 but the available seats were around 100 only. Fortunately, we found seats for ourselves. The foods were great, almost complete from appetizer, main course to the dessert. Right after that whole day activity, we went back to the house to rest and prepare to leave Indonesia. Our flight was 6 in the morning so we hurried to the airport the next day. Even the trip was short, we enjoyed it and it was a chance to meet other people and learn their culture and explore their beloved place. Click here for more pictures from my trip in Indonesia!


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