Saturday, January 31, 2009

Birthday in Kuala Lumpur

It was a last minute plan to visit Kuala Lumpur on the 25th of January. We purchased the ticket the night before our departure. We took First Coach bus and the fare was 33SGD. Bloody hell! It took us five hours to reach Kuala Lumpur. I was with my bestfriend and his girlfriend. Maybe you're wondering why I don't have a partner with this trip. Well, it's a long story and I don't want to elaborate it anymore. Anyway, we checked in for a twin bed in the Corus Hotel in KL at around 10:30PM. We took a quick dinner inside our room and immediately left the hotel for the night photoshoot with the famous Petronas Tower and it was only 2 minute walk from our hotel.

When we got outside the hotel, it was raining!!! The heck! It was the only night we can view the Petronas Tower as we planned to spend only one night in the city and return to Singapore. Best was kinda mad because he was too worried on his SLR camera. We waited for a while outside the KLCC mall for the rain to stop. It suddenly stopped and gave our full energy to take a quick picture with the famous tower. The camera and the tripod were prepared and we took about 4 shots and it started to rain again so we didn't have a choice but to thank God at least we had a nice shots, we just returned to hotel to sleep.

The next day, we woke up around 9 in the morning and took our breakfast. We had sandwich and Nesvita inside our room. Afterwards, we went to KLCC mall to walk and made a quick shopping. We just toured the mall and I bought Starbucks city mug for my collection. I also bought some items inside a souvenir shop. We also did a quick view on the Petronas Discovery Centre.

We returned to the hotel before 12 noon to check out. After the check out I treated them inside the restaurant of the hotel. It was my birthday on that day and at the same time, it was the Chinese New Year! The restaurant in the hotel was having a 50% discount for their buffet! Wohoooo!!! There were plenty of foods and we all enjoyed it! We spent almost 3 hours to fulfill our cravings. We had this authentic Malaysian foods and the cakes, fruits and ice cream were superb! It was adiet another day moment.

After that uber busog lunch, we left to make our final shopping and we found ourselves in this place where souvenirs and other Malaysian items were very cheap. Afterwards, we went to Berry's Chocolate factory and of course, I bought some chocolate. Because of the rush hour, we just returned to KLCC Mall for a quick tour and shopping again. Then we went back to the view for Petronas tower for another photoshoot. The time was very short as we had to leave for our 6:45 departure, again with bus but that time it was the Aeroline Bus. Even if it was just a one day tour in the city, at least we enjoyed and it was another experience during my birthday. I'm not getting any younger anymore so I am enjoying my life with plans this year on more and more travel! Hehehe...

Friday, January 30, 2009

All About Movies

The following are the movies that I have watched last December of last year. Hmmm... well, I was just speaking my mind and this is how I felt with them:

1. Twilight - I heard a lot of buzz with regards to this movie. I got the chance to watch it when I was having my vacation in Manila. I haven't read the book and that was one good thing because many were saying that if you have read the book, you will be disappointed with the outcome of the film. Back to the movie, the earlier scenes were too short and just seemed choppy. I enjoyed the time spent developing the story and the characters. The portrayal for the character of Bella was great and was so convincing, you will feel the emotion involved in her. I enjoyed the music, imagery and cinematography. But I will admit, the movie is a little too dramatic at times. It's giggle-worthy at some moments. No, the special effects were not that stunning... but adequate for what the movie needed. No, this is not accademy award material, but I wasn't expecting that type of movie, just a good romantic story. And that's what I got. All in all I absolutely loved it, thought it was amazing, well executed for the most part and I really can't wait to see the second installment.

2. The Day The Earth Stood Still - What a mess! Keannu saved the world but the story was dead. Keannu Reeves is a great actor and I have watched all his Matrix movies but with this one? The heck! I was so disappointed. First and foremost, the story was too predictable, from the very start you knew that there will be a world destruction and he will save the planet, that's it! But the storyline, the phasing of the scenes were so boring. What i did in the theater was a tag line of "The Day I Sit Still", no reactions, I didn't feel any emotions from any of the scenes, I almost fell asleep. The film is awful and a total mess! Yeah, kudos to the special effects and visual experimentations they did but I have seen those scenes in other movies, I mean, is there something new? The movie is very slow and at times seems to stop just as still as the title itself. This movie should have been a straight to DVD platform. The ending was horrific and kept telling to myself... "What? That's it? Is it the ending? The world lived but the story died?"

3. Yes Man - Hmmm... the movie was wasn't that good and wasn't that bad at all. Carey is past his prime, but well suited for this romantic comedy. Quite a few notable performances, story was a little out there but had a good number of laugh-out-loud bits. But I was asking myself if I really enjoyed this movie. Yeah, I laughed but I just didn't feel the Jim Carey I have watched before, I think he is geeting too old to be playing those crap anymore. It felt flat all the way. But this movie was box office potential. Maybe there is something missing with the script. It was not that awful, but I just didn't like it.

In this awards season, the following movies are fighting for the title "Best Motion Picture" in the up coming Academy Awards, what's your bet?
  • The Curious Case of Benjamin Button
  • Frost/Nixon
  • Milk
  • The Reader
  • Slumdog Millionaire
On the other note, since it's 2009 already, let's check the Top 10 Movies of 2008 based from

  1. The Dark Knight (Warner Brothers) - $531,867,031
  2. Iron Man (Paramount Pictures) - $318,412,101
  3. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount Pictures) - $317,101,119
  4. Hancock (Sony Pictures) - $227,946,274
  5. WALL-E (Buena Vista) - $223,808,164
  6. Kung Fu Panda (Paramount/Dreamworks) - $215,434,591
  7. Twilight (Summit Entertainment) - $186,277,378
  8. Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa (Paramount/Dreamworks) - $178,927,840
  9. Quantum of Solace (Sony Pictures) - $168,368,427
  10. Dr. Seuss' Horton Hears a Who! (Fox Pictures) - $154,529,439

Thursday, January 29, 2009

How Was My New Year?

Yeah, many friends were asking how did I spend my New Year here in Singapore. Well it's better late than never to share my experiences here. On the last day of the year 2008, can you imagine we still have to go to office for a half day work? Well it wasn't that bad at all but that day should have been a holiday! Anyway, after work, together with my Pinoy officemates, we had lunch in the first and only fine dining Filipino restaurant in Singapore (is it?). It was called "7107 Restaurant" located in Marina Bay. Whew! I really missed Filipino foods!

We ordered crispy pata, karekare, sinigang, pinakbet, ensaladang mangga and halohalo! All were superb in taste! Masarap! Hahaha... Or baka talagang namiss ko lang? It was a pre-New Year's eve celebration for us. We just enjoyed the food and the company of each other. We were all full and I think after 2 or 3 hours, we parted ways to prepare for a night that was first time for all of us!

I arrived in our new home in Yishun at around 4 in the afternoon. Best and I prepared the things we might need for the New Year's eve party. We celebrated it in Siloso Beach in Sentosa. It was a New Year Party on the beach! I was with Best and our ex-housemates Ate Cindy and Ate Daisy.

The entrace fee for the party was S$35 with free one drink. The beach was filled with people enjoying the night! There were hot girls dancing all around the area and the music was really great! There were also fire dancing and exhibition, booth with splashing bubbles and food area of course.

We danced all night and waited for the countdown. The people went wilder when the countdown began. We were just disappointed with the fireworks! The heck! I think it was only about 3 to 5 minutes. The fireworks were not even that impressive, walang effort! But in the end we just enjoyed the night and stayed in Sentosa until 4 in the morning before waving goodbyes to our two Ates in Singapore. We arrived in our home around 6 in the morning and spent the 1st day of 2009 sleeping.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From 'room' to "ROOM"

Last 30th of December, I had a BIG move... hehehe... Actually, I transferred to a new flat. Together with Best and Kuya Sam, we rented a whole flat. From Geylang, we moved all our things way to Yishun. Yishun is about 35 minutes MRT ride to city. The history of hunting a flat started when I arrived here in Singapore from my vacation in Manila. After a week, we saw this flat and the scene was breathless. The unit was huge, with three bedrooms and 2 toilets. So we grabbed immediately the unit and agreed to rent it for a year. I was the main tenant of the flat and all bills were named on me. I am now occupying the master's bedroom.

Compare to what I had in Geylang, the room is so big unlike before that the only things you can in my room were to sleep and make a 5 steps to door. I am more comfortable now, with huge bed, I can roll on it and the bathroom is very convenient since I am the only one who use it. But we still have some things to buy. Thank God Kuya Sam has already a broadband account so internet connection is not a problem, we are connected thru wifi. We are planning to subscribe on Starhub cabe tv because it comes with free home phone line. Right now, wala na ko budget!!! Hahaha... Most of my money came to 1 month advance and 1 month deposit payments. Eto pa, me utang pa kame for the agent's fee. But I can survive, ako pa!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Christmas ala Singapura

Around 7pm on the 24th of December, I had my very first Catholic mass here in SG. I forgot the name of the church but the place was filled of Pinoys. I was with Best, Ate Cindy, Ate Daisy and her date. The mass was solemn and I was so delighted hearing a mass after 6 months. After the mass, we went directly to Bugis to eat dinner in McDonalds. Actually, we were rushing that time because Best and I need to go to Chinatown to meet Kuya Sam's (Ryan's Tito) family and to eat again.

We took the MRT and looked for the Riverside Piazza condominium. We saw the family of Kuya Sam, including the kids na sobrang kukulit! hehehe... We had a dinner again there and I think we ate some chicken, ube, rice, tuna and some fillets. The original plan was to get some food from them and will bring it to our Geylang home where Ate Cindy and Ate Daisy were waiting for us for the Noche Buena. But we failed to do so as the foods on that place seems to be enough and nakakahiya na rin... hahaha.

Then we went back home and we just bought cake and drinks from 7-11. We arrived there 10 minutes before 12 midnight. Ate Daisy cooked macaroni sopas while Ate Cindy prepared pizza. We celebrated the night simply but with a bang as Best started to sing using the Magic Sing. His performance was a standing ovation. We were all having a good time. But still, I miss my family in Pasig. There was a little sadness because it was my first time celebrating Christmas eve without them. But looking on the brighter side, I still enjoyed the night. We started to sleep at around 3:30 in the morning but Best was still singing and we just left him to have his "sentimental moment".

Morning of the Christmas Day, Best and I went to Seranggoon to visit my officemate's flat. Ate Vinia served us delicious foods, as in masarap talaga. She prepared a saucy hipon, chicken pastel and pansit! Ate Joie and her Indonesian hubby, Aldy, were waiting for us... Best took us pictures and we were all busy eating the foods. The ice cream was also great, I just forgot the brand. Anyway, Ate Vinia's place was quite nice. Around 3pm I think, we left the place and we headed to Orchard where we met Kuya Sam and his family.

Upon arriving in Orchard, the Acosta family toured around the Orchard Road and took pictures as their remembrance. Kuya Sam's family was just on a holiday vacation. The kids were all delighted seeing colorful floats and some Christmas displays. We took a rest in McDonald's in Takashimaya to eat. It took us almost an hour to get a seat because there were so many people during that time. After the merienda, we roamed the mall and found ourselves in a toy store. Best and I have to leave that time because we have another appointment... hahaha...

We arrived in Palawan Beach in Sentosa I think before 7pm. Ryan's ex officemates way back in West Contact were present. There, I saw Geri, a schoolmate and a batchmate. In this place, again, we ate. We took spaghetti, chicken and a piece of cake. The place was so boring that time. No sounds, the people are few, no glorious lights and nobody was swimming. At past 9pm the group made a pack up and went to Vivocity for picture taking. There, I saw my officemate Gee and took a snapshot with her. It was time to go again.

Best and I planned to watch a movie that time. So we went to Cineleisure Orchard and bought two tickets for the movie 'Yes Man'. Yeah, this cinemahouse is operating 24 hours. Besides from our baon na cheeseburger from McDonald's, I also bought popcorn and drinks. Best got some soda, Sprite specifically. The screening time for the movie was 11:45 I think. Before 2 am in the morning, we left the mall and went home. My first Christmas in Singapore was quite nice, so busy and I enjoyed it.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pre-Christmases in SG

It was my first time to celebrate the holiday season here in Singapore. But before the Christmas Day, I had wonderful momements with my friends and officemates.

On the 12th of December, our company held Christmas party. It was just a simple and small celebration that happened inside the office premises at around 4pm in the afternoon. It was very different from what I had with the Christmas party in Manila companies. But still, it was a great time and I enjoyed the foods and the Filipino officemates were hilarious and everybody was enjoying the moment. We had some local foods but the other recipes were quite the same with what we have back home. There were also wines on which was shared by everybody and the CEO himself gave the glass to us. It was quite simple but still it was fun and we all enjoyed it. We also had exchange gift and what did I get? A boxer short and a t-shirt.

The Filipino employees of our company organized a Christmas Party in one of my officemates' house. It was in the unit of Ate Arlene last 20th of December, the place was quite nice and quite far, it was in Sengkang. Each one of us brought foods to share and Joie, Gilyn and I shared to buy ice cream and cake. To my surprise, the food was overflowing, grabe also this day I was forced to eat pork. But I just had small amount of pork, hehehe... excuses. Anyway, we had the karaoke session and of course, pakitang gilas ako... yun lang, lumabas pagkabisaya ko... hahahah!!! We also had charades and the category was Movies. How did I reenacted 'Mama Mia'? It was a history. Another activity was exchange gift of course, I got 2 pairs of Converse socks, both color black.

Our Kuya Celso, our housemate, texted us the morning of 22nd of December that he will be cooking Spaghetti to have an early 'Noche Buena'. He also ordered pizza while Ate Daisy and Ate Cindy bought KFC chickens and brought out some doughnuts from ref. My share was an ice cream. It was a fun night and the foods were all delicious and we enjoyed it! We had some kuwentahans that are sometimes about lovelife and mostly some naughty stories. We all shared fun and that was a night of funny moments and night of photo sessions provided by Best, hehehe...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Mah Supah Vacation

After almost five months here in Singapore, I was able to have a long vacation in Manila. It was from the 28th of November until the 10th of December, not bad ah. It was a super hectic and super "gastos" vacation for me but everything was worth it. I missed a lot of friends especially my family.

Immediately after my arrival, I met my Misys friends in Greenbelt where we had our dinner. I was with Harold, Louie, Emman, Jeph and Ryan. It was nice to see them again but still we have a communication through Skype. The dinner was in Mr. Rockefeller. It was my first time there and the foods were really delicious. After that quick dinner, we headed to an ice cream bar for some dessert... hehehe...

After that, on the same night, I rushed to SM Megamall to meet Maret, Wendel and his girlfriend (or should I say fiancee?). We had this dinner (ulit?!!!) in KFC. Waaahh!!! I missed the gravy so I really ate a lot! Then we went to Starbucks but the place was full so we just had our coffee in Seattle's Best in Megastrip. I think around 12 midnight, we parted ways and finally, I had my rest on that day.

On the next day, I met my Nene in SM Megamall and we had our dinner in Yellow Cab. We ordered regular sized pizza and my favorite Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta. Again, I miss the YC foods so I made a super kain that night. Afterwards, she helped me to look for the reunion place for my college friends and found ourselves making reservation in Congo Grill in Ortigas. I made the payment right away so that my chosen date and time will be reserved to me.

On the 1st of December, I had a date with my mom and sisters together with Gian. Alas! We ate in Chowking and I ordered Halo Halo... hahaha... Namiss ko rin kasi... We all enjoyed our food there and I think it was our lunch. Then came next the "gastos" mode as I have to buy something for my sisters and Gian. My mother was making "lambing" to me to buy her some earings so I gave it to her and I told her that it was my Christmas present for her... hahaha.

My high school friends were the next set of friends I rekindled with (2nd of December). we had this ultimate buffet in SDK (Saisaki, Dads, Kamayan) in SM Megamall. Super busog kme that time. I also missed doing an eat all you can dinner because I don't know of a place here in Singapore with such style. Anyway, we were all delighted to see each other again. Maceng and I forgot our past war and decided to just enjoy the night and forget those crazy things. We had our coffee in Starbucks Emerald I think and stayed there until it's closing time.

It was on December 4 when I came to visit my ex officemates in Misys. I was really glad seeing all of them again but my TL was not around that time. I brought some Yellow Cab pizza and ice cream. There were never ending stories about the happenings on Misys. There were revelations and surprises that day. I was also able to meet the new members of the Java team. It was so nice seeing again the office and seeing those people that became close to you and became a part in your professional and personal life.

Another reason for my vacation was the grand reunion for my college classmates, it was held last 6th of December. Starting September or October of last year, I already announced to them the reunion and I was really happy that the attendance for that event was 70 to 80 percent! I was really glad that time. There was an overflowing of foods and beers. Also, the dessert never stopped, sobrang dami ng food na naorder ko. I was so delighted seeing old friends from college but thankfully we have this yahoo group account so that we can still communicate with each other and update and share our lives. The night was full of fun and excitement.

I also had a dinner with my good friends way back from Fujitsu days. It was December 8 and we ate in Brazil Brazil at the Serendra, The Fort. It was also an eat all you can style. There were plenty of meat to choose from. It was also my first time on that restaurant so I was really thrilled with the foods. Daming meat!!! Hahaha... We enjoyed each other's company by telling stories and updates on each other lives. My vacation was quite nice di ba? Yun nga lang magastos... hehehe...

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