Wednesday, January 7, 2009

From 'room' to "ROOM"

Last 30th of December, I had a BIG move... hehehe... Actually, I transferred to a new flat. Together with Best and Kuya Sam, we rented a whole flat. From Geylang, we moved all our things way to Yishun. Yishun is about 35 minutes MRT ride to city. The history of hunting a flat started when I arrived here in Singapore from my vacation in Manila. After a week, we saw this flat and the scene was breathless. The unit was huge, with three bedrooms and 2 toilets. So we grabbed immediately the unit and agreed to rent it for a year. I was the main tenant of the flat and all bills were named on me. I am now occupying the master's bedroom.

Compare to what I had in Geylang, the room is so big unlike before that the only things you can in my room were to sleep and make a 5 steps to door. I am more comfortable now, with huge bed, I can roll on it and the bathroom is very convenient since I am the only one who use it. But we still have some things to buy. Thank God Kuya Sam has already a broadband account so internet connection is not a problem, we are connected thru wifi. We are planning to subscribe on Starhub cabe tv because it comes with free home phone line. Right now, wala na ko budget!!! Hahaha... Most of my money came to 1 month advance and 1 month deposit payments. Eto pa, me utang pa kame for the agent's fee. But I can survive, ako pa!


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