Friday, January 2, 2009

Mah Supah Vacation

After almost five months here in Singapore, I was able to have a long vacation in Manila. It was from the 28th of November until the 10th of December, not bad ah. It was a super hectic and super "gastos" vacation for me but everything was worth it. I missed a lot of friends especially my family.

Immediately after my arrival, I met my Misys friends in Greenbelt where we had our dinner. I was with Harold, Louie, Emman, Jeph and Ryan. It was nice to see them again but still we have a communication through Skype. The dinner was in Mr. Rockefeller. It was my first time there and the foods were really delicious. After that quick dinner, we headed to an ice cream bar for some dessert... hehehe...

After that, on the same night, I rushed to SM Megamall to meet Maret, Wendel and his girlfriend (or should I say fiancee?). We had this dinner (ulit?!!!) in KFC. Waaahh!!! I missed the gravy so I really ate a lot! Then we went to Starbucks but the place was full so we just had our coffee in Seattle's Best in Megastrip. I think around 12 midnight, we parted ways and finally, I had my rest on that day.

On the next day, I met my Nene in SM Megamall and we had our dinner in Yellow Cab. We ordered regular sized pizza and my favorite Charlie Chan Chicken Pasta. Again, I miss the YC foods so I made a super kain that night. Afterwards, she helped me to look for the reunion place for my college friends and found ourselves making reservation in Congo Grill in Ortigas. I made the payment right away so that my chosen date and time will be reserved to me.

On the 1st of December, I had a date with my mom and sisters together with Gian. Alas! We ate in Chowking and I ordered Halo Halo... hahaha... Namiss ko rin kasi... We all enjoyed our food there and I think it was our lunch. Then came next the "gastos" mode as I have to buy something for my sisters and Gian. My mother was making "lambing" to me to buy her some earings so I gave it to her and I told her that it was my Christmas present for her... hahaha.

My high school friends were the next set of friends I rekindled with (2nd of December). we had this ultimate buffet in SDK (Saisaki, Dads, Kamayan) in SM Megamall. Super busog kme that time. I also missed doing an eat all you can dinner because I don't know of a place here in Singapore with such style. Anyway, we were all delighted to see each other again. Maceng and I forgot our past war and decided to just enjoy the night and forget those crazy things. We had our coffee in Starbucks Emerald I think and stayed there until it's closing time.

It was on December 4 when I came to visit my ex officemates in Misys. I was really glad seeing all of them again but my TL was not around that time. I brought some Yellow Cab pizza and ice cream. There were never ending stories about the happenings on Misys. There were revelations and surprises that day. I was also able to meet the new members of the Java team. It was so nice seeing again the office and seeing those people that became close to you and became a part in your professional and personal life.

Another reason for my vacation was the grand reunion for my college classmates, it was held last 6th of December. Starting September or October of last year, I already announced to them the reunion and I was really happy that the attendance for that event was 70 to 80 percent! I was really glad that time. There was an overflowing of foods and beers. Also, the dessert never stopped, sobrang dami ng food na naorder ko. I was so delighted seeing old friends from college but thankfully we have this yahoo group account so that we can still communicate with each other and update and share our lives. The night was full of fun and excitement.

I also had a dinner with my good friends way back from Fujitsu days. It was December 8 and we ate in Brazil Brazil at the Serendra, The Fort. It was also an eat all you can style. There were plenty of meat to choose from. It was also my first time on that restaurant so I was really thrilled with the foods. Daming meat!!! Hahaha... We enjoyed each other's company by telling stories and updates on each other lives. My vacation was quite nice di ba? Yun nga lang magastos... hehehe...


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