Sunday, January 4, 2009

Pre-Christmases in SG

It was my first time to celebrate the holiday season here in Singapore. But before the Christmas Day, I had wonderful momements with my friends and officemates.

On the 12th of December, our company held Christmas party. It was just a simple and small celebration that happened inside the office premises at around 4pm in the afternoon. It was very different from what I had with the Christmas party in Manila companies. But still, it was a great time and I enjoyed the foods and the Filipino officemates were hilarious and everybody was enjoying the moment. We had some local foods but the other recipes were quite the same with what we have back home. There were also wines on which was shared by everybody and the CEO himself gave the glass to us. It was quite simple but still it was fun and we all enjoyed it. We also had exchange gift and what did I get? A boxer short and a t-shirt.

The Filipino employees of our company organized a Christmas Party in one of my officemates' house. It was in the unit of Ate Arlene last 20th of December, the place was quite nice and quite far, it was in Sengkang. Each one of us brought foods to share and Joie, Gilyn and I shared to buy ice cream and cake. To my surprise, the food was overflowing, grabe also this day I was forced to eat pork. But I just had small amount of pork, hehehe... excuses. Anyway, we had the karaoke session and of course, pakitang gilas ako... yun lang, lumabas pagkabisaya ko... hahahah!!! We also had charades and the category was Movies. How did I reenacted 'Mama Mia'? It was a history. Another activity was exchange gift of course, I got 2 pairs of Converse socks, both color black.

Our Kuya Celso, our housemate, texted us the morning of 22nd of December that he will be cooking Spaghetti to have an early 'Noche Buena'. He also ordered pizza while Ate Daisy and Ate Cindy bought KFC chickens and brought out some doughnuts from ref. My share was an ice cream. It was a fun night and the foods were all delicious and we enjoyed it! We had some kuwentahans that are sometimes about lovelife and mostly some naughty stories. We all shared fun and that was a night of funny moments and night of photo sessions provided by Best, hehehe...


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