Thursday, February 26, 2009

Muscle Pain

Last 20th of February, I filed an MC (term used for Sick Leave here in SG) as I encountered difficulty moving my left arm. I really felt sick that time. My movements were limited and couldn't take my everyday routine. I also had to give up my gym session due to this case. I immediately went to the nearest clinic in our place to seek help and medicine. The doctor provided me a liniment oil and 10 tablets for muscle pain. I really don't know what caused this pain but the closest connection is maybe the way I do my weight lifting inside the gym or the position or the way I sleep.

The pain took for three days then on Monday I reported back to office. I really felt good that time. The next day, Tuesday, I returned to the gym to do my workout routine. Everything was fine that time and it was even my first time to join an RPM cycling class. But later that day, the pain returned and I was kinda mad of myself. Wednesday came and the ultimate pain was there again. Still, I went to the office with only my right arm functioning. I took again the tablets given to me by my doctor and applied liniment oil. Today, Thursday, the pain is minimal. No more arm support and hoping that this recovery will continue. I am planning to do a cardio exercise only tomorrow in the gym... Hope everything will be fine.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Addicted To...

TV series!!! Most of my times here in SG were spent watching these very addictive US TV shows. Even after work and the entire weekends, I make sure that I have watched even just one episode but I still make sure that weekdays gym workout and weekends park jogging are still on going. :>... I think it is my best way of easing the boredom and forgetting about the dramas of sadness. These TV series were mixed in genre, there are comedies, science fiction, action, suspense thriller and investigative theme. How did I get the latest episodes? Hmmm... I am copying some of them from my officemates and most of them were downloaded. Anyway, I also enjoy watching Pinoy series. Good thing there is and so that I can still watch Pinoy shows. Well, that's one reason now why I don't have TFC connection in my room. Can you believe I have finished the series 'Lalola'? Hahaha... Well as of now, I am following 'I Love Betty' and TV Patrol everyday!

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sad :(

I woke up today around 6 in the morning to accompany my bestfriend to the airport. He went back to Manila unsuccessful of finding a job here in Singapore. The timing for him was really bad, maybe the main reason was economic crisis, recession or whatever terms that may be applied to this kind of situation. It was only three months ago when I picked him up in the airport. He was very excited and determined to look for a job. But today was an unfortunate event, we did everything and he was so patient and made all sacrifices just to find his luck here. Well, I guess that's life, we have to accept failures as these are tests to measure how strong we are in facing these kinds of "not-so-good-times". I told him not to listen to what others may say about his experiences and the outcomes of his journey here in SG. I told him just to ignore them and "huwag mapipikon". Just look on the brighter side, at least he had a long vacation here and made a glimpse on the sceneries in Kuala Lumpur. He is still better with others because he tried and I'm very proud of him for that, surely there will be a next and better time. My bestfriend and I did a super bonding for three months. We celebrated Christmas, New Year and my birthday together, we will surely miss each other. Wala na akong kakulitan dito, I am very sad. On the other side, I still feel happy about his return to Manila, he will be with his loved ones, friends and in his own comfort zone. But we will still see each other again as I will have my vacation again in Manila on March, he promised a four movie treats! Best... ingat lagi and good luck!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Better Late Than Never

Well my birthday celebration did not stop on the KL trip. On the 27th of January, Best woke up early to cook spaghetti for me. Hahaha... I think it was his first time to cook such food and it was for me! Thanks Best! I prepared fried chicken for them and we also had french fries. It was a simple celebration and we all enjoyed the food.

Present that day were Kuya Sam, April, Best and the transient residents in our house namely Ate Cherry with her two kids and their auntie. They shared their lunch and it was a sinigang. We made some tawanans and kuwentuhans. They were my family here that time. I just enjoyed the day and it was a happy moment for me.

On the 30th of January, our HR officer sent us email informing us that there will be a cake cutting for January birthday celebrants. Hehehe... I wasn't telling my officemates that I celebrated my birthday last Chinese New Year. In short, nabuko ako. But on the other hand, the cake was quite nice and a good way to spend merienda time with all the employees in our company.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

In Loving Memory

My sister Cindy was born on the 3rd of February 1987. She should have been 22 years old now and maybe working in Makati or Ortigas. I can't quite remember what she wanted to be when she grow up, it was either a singer or a nurse. We both love to sing and sometimes, we are singing duet songs and enjoy the moment. We used to go to Rizal Medical Center every Saturday for her weekly injection of medicine for heart ailment. After the injection, we always buy "adobong mani" outside the hospital and we were happy eating those peanuts. I can still remember every words she says everytime before we go to sleep - "I Love You Kuya!" and "Goodnight Kuya!". But the tragic event came and she died on my 21st birthday. It's been six years now but I can still remember every moment of that day. How unfortunate isn't it? Everytime I celebrate my birthday, I portray a happy face in front of my relatives and my friends, but deep down inside me, I was crying, missing my sister. But on the other hand, I know that she's in heaven now with the Creator and she is guiding my father in Saudi Arabia, looking after my oldest sister in Romania, taking care of my mother and two sisters in Philippines and watching over me here in Singapore. We miss you 'Dek!

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