Thursday, February 12, 2009

Sad :(

I woke up today around 6 in the morning to accompany my bestfriend to the airport. He went back to Manila unsuccessful of finding a job here in Singapore. The timing for him was really bad, maybe the main reason was economic crisis, recession or whatever terms that may be applied to this kind of situation. It was only three months ago when I picked him up in the airport. He was very excited and determined to look for a job. But today was an unfortunate event, we did everything and he was so patient and made all sacrifices just to find his luck here. Well, I guess that's life, we have to accept failures as these are tests to measure how strong we are in facing these kinds of "not-so-good-times". I told him not to listen to what others may say about his experiences and the outcomes of his journey here in SG. I told him just to ignore them and "huwag mapipikon". Just look on the brighter side, at least he had a long vacation here and made a glimpse on the sceneries in Kuala Lumpur. He is still better with others because he tried and I'm very proud of him for that, surely there will be a next and better time. My bestfriend and I did a super bonding for three months. We celebrated Christmas, New Year and my birthday together, we will surely miss each other. Wala na akong kakulitan dito, I am very sad. On the other side, I still feel happy about his return to Manila, he will be with his loved ones, friends and in his own comfort zone. But we will still see each other again as I will have my vacation again in Manila on March, he promised a four movie treats! Best... ingat lagi and good luck!


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