Monday, March 30, 2009

4 Years To Go...

Today, I attended my youngest sister's high school graduation. It was held inside the vicinity of their school (La Immaculada Concepcion School). The ceremony was simple. After the procession of the graduates, the honor students were presented then afterwards, the distribution of diploma. It was a three-hour commencement exercises and the finale was really nice. After the graduates sang a song (I forgot the title) on the stage, they came towards to their parents and gave them sampaguita and put them on their parent's neck as a presentation of gratitude and a way of saying "thank you" for all the hardships of the parents, I can say that it was also a grand salute. Anyway, my mother and I were surprised because my sister received a medal, though it was not an academic medal, it was still nice that she has received a bronze medal for extra curricular activities as she represented their school in a taekwondo competition. Finally, four years to go, tapos na kaming magkakapatid sa college... :>

High School Memories

Last 28th of March, I had a chance to have a mini reunion with my good friends from High School. It was an overnight celebration in Jhong's place together with Maceng, Bern and Nene. Each one of us brought food to eat. Jhong provided the rice, drinks and meat loaf, Bern was in charged for the ice cream, Maceng coocked Chicken Adobo with some fishballs, Nene ordered pizza and I brought some chicken and pork barbecue. Jhong was very late that night so we started having dinner at 11PM!!!

I was so hungry that time so in short, madami akong nakain. After we had dinner, we made some picture takings and kuwentuhans about our experiences and memorable moments in hour high school life. Then we watched Shake, Rattle and Roll 10 and Basic Instinct during the entire night (or should I say morning?). It was a fun moment and we left the place around 8:30 in the morning. I think they were planning on visiting me in Singapore. Hehehe...

John Legend Live in Manila

One of the reasons why I really wanted to go home is to watch John Legend's concert. Unfortunately, this great artist doesn't have a performance in Singapore. I was supposed to go on vacation on the 28th of March but since the concert was in the 26th, I chose March 25 as my return date here in Manila. I was accompanied by my Nene and we went to Araneta Coliseum an hour earlier as I was really excited about his live performance.

I am a big fan of John Legend since he released his single "Ordinary People" that gave him an award for Grammy Best New Artist. Me and Nene enjoyed listening to his music and live rendition of his great songs. Fortunately, since I'm a big fan, I was able to name all the songs he performed and I was able to sing with him dahil kabisado ko ang mga kanta... hahaha... The songs were: When I Used To Love You, Satisfaction, It's Over, Alright, Heaven, Stereo, Quickly, Let's Get Lifted, Where Did My Baby Go, Good Morning, No Other Love, Slow Dance (he picked a girl from the audience and dance with her), PDA, Stay With You, Number One, save Room, Change, Everybody Knows (my favorite), This Time, So High, Greenlight and Ordinary People as his finale.

It was an excellent performance!!! Everyone was dancing to his groovy tunes and was in the "senti" mode during the love songs. Nene became an instant fan (he knows John Legend but not really a fan). The concert lasted I think almost two hours and I was really fulfilled watching his peformance, Galing grabe!!!

Pre & Post Birthday Treat

The plane arrived here in Manila at 1:35PM last 25th of March, it's my second vacation since I started working in Singapore. After I gave my "pasalubongs" and made some "kumustahans" with my family, I immediately went to a barber shop because I need a haircut. Then I went to SM Megamall to meet Breastfriend, Obesefriend and Bestfriend. The meeting point was in KFC. Breastfriend treated us a bucket meal as a post birthday treat (she celebrated her birthday on the 15th of March). It was also a chance seeing my bestfriend again and he was looking happy and fine. As usual, Wendel (obesefriend) was late and we had this story sharing and updates to our lives.

We then headed to Starbucks to get some coffee and it was a treat from Wendel as a pre birthday treat as I will not be around on the 14th of April to celebrate with him. I ordered my favorite flavor which is Green Tea and Wendel also provided a slice of cake (so kuripot) for the candle blowing. In overall, it was a nice moment seeing again your good friends and spending time with them. I think we had a lot of discussions and "tsikahans" as we lasted almost 12 and I felt really tired and sleepy as I only had one hour of sleep that day.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Dinner @ Taka

I had a nice dinner last Friday with my friend and former officemate Shirley. It was a simple dinner in Takashimaya. We had a slight difficulty in choosing the right place to dine. Until we found ourselves in this place called "Coffee Club" located on the third floor. Shirley is currently in Singapore deployed by Misys to support Bank of India. Anyway, we both ordered pasta (mine was salmon and hers was seafood) and ice cold coffee. We had some "tsikahan" and "tsismisan" on the updates in the office and some personal stuff like relationships. We laughed out loud for some stories and itchy things that came in to the discussion. The most revealing thing that night was her break up with her four-year boyfriend. I was glad to see that she has moved on (after almost a month of crying... hehehe...) and moving forward (based on her Facebook status last week) with such tragic event. We finished our dinner and parted ways at around 9PM as I have to go home to wash my clothes (boy labandero) hahahaha...

Monday, March 16, 2009

Shower Time

It was a small celebration we had last Saturday, 14th of March. Baby shower for Johann Kyle (Ate Joie's baby) was held in my home in Yishun. Present that day were office friends Ate Vinz, Gilyn, Ate Arlene, Kit, Aldy, Ate Joie's friend Cathy and the rest of the housemates :>... Hmmmm... What's most interesting that day was I able to cook Beef Caldereta! Hahaha... It was my first time to cook such dish and fortunately, they liked it! But I think the chilli I put was more than enough but still, it was a successful cooking event.

Aside from that Beef Caldereta, Ate Joie and I joined forces to prepare fried chicken. She also cooked pasta (but I don't know exactly what type of pasta it is) and ordered bibingka. Gilyn brought cake, drinks and some utensils; Ate Vinz provided the ice cream with chocolate syrup! Can you believe that while we were eating, we were watching 'Love Me Again' (you know the movie of Piolo Pascual and Angel Locsin). We were all delighted with the foods and lahat nabusog!

Of course this kind of celebration came with a singing marathon. We enjoyed singing (especially me) during the night, thanks to Magic Sing... Hahaha. The night was full of fun especially Ate Joie as she received gifts from the girls. The visitors left at around 9pm and it was a memorable night for all of us. Joie and Aldy will be leaving today (16th of March) for Indonesia as she will be delivering her baby there.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Goodbye Mr. Francis M.

The news about Kiko's death came to me yesterday when my officemate popped up me and informed me about this tragic event. Yeah I know, I don't know him personally and he wasn't even my idol. But truly, his music is really good and he opened our eyes to the importance of nationalism. I could say that he was a part of our lives. My oldest sister used to listen to his songs when I was a kid. I think she had this casette tape of his album "Yo!" way back in 1991. And yes, his songs are meaningful unlike to other rap songs that doesn't have any sense at all. One of his songs, I think, is very popular to my other sister, Cheche. She is "pango" and Francis M has a song with lines "Tayo'y mga Pinoy, tayo'y hindi Kano. Wag kang mahihiya, kung ang ilong mo ay Pango!" I always sing that song to her para inisin or asarin yung sister ko. Even my parents were singing that song just to make fun of her. Well, Francis M will always live through to his music and he lived his life worthy even in just a short span of time.

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