Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Cambodia Trip - Days 2 & 3

On the next day, we were scheduled to go to Siem Reap by bus and travel for six hours! Our tour package was handled by The King Angkor and the good thing about them, they have a hotel both in Phnom Penh and Siem Reap so accomodation and tour itinerary wasn't that difficult. We were on the Paramount Angkor Express Bus and the travel was smooth but very long. We arrived at Siem Reap at about 2 in the afternoon and we were picked up by Barang, the driver. Upon arriving on the hotel, we immediately went to our room and refreshed ourselves for a long hours of journey ahead.

Since it was past 12 that time, we had our lunch first and it was in KFC!!! The girls were excited about it because KFC Cambodia is serving gravy! I ordered two piece chicken for 2.90USD. Everybody was fulfilled with the lunch we had, including Barang. Then we made a quick shopping again in the Central Market and I bought some shirts and souvenir items. We also had a very short visit to the Angkor Market and we only bought an ice cream on that store. Afterwards, we hurried to Phnom Bakheng for the sunset view. We have to go to the top spot which required us to walk almost 10 minutes and that was really tiring, paakyat kasi yung daan. There were many tourists that time and it was a happy moment for everyone. But we were dismayed with the sunset as the sun was mostly covered by clouds. We went back to hotel after the sunset photoshoot to rest and be prepared again for the next day.

The third day was the most exciting day as we visited the world famous Angkor Wat. We departed from the hotel at 8 in the morning and an English speaking tour guide was with us and he calls himself as 'Robinhout'. We entered first this ancient gate structure going to the Angkor Wat itself. We were all amazed with this temple complex that is located in Angkor, Cambodia. According to history, it was built for the King Suryavarman II in the early 12th century as his state temple and capital city. The architecture is really excellent! After our lunch on which I ordered Amok or Chicken Curry, We next visited Bayon, it is a well known and richly decorated Khmer temple also at Angkor in Cambodia. The most disttinctive feature of this temple are the massive stone faces on the many towers. The outer wall of Bayon also features historical events and scenes from the everyday life of the Angkor Khmer. There were soldiers, elephants, unfinished temples, battle, war and other historic views on the wall.

Afterwards, also on that day, we visited the famous Ta Prohm. It is famous because it was the location shoot for some of the scenes of Tomb Raider which starred Angelina Jolie. Anyway, Ta Prohm is a typical Khmer temple and also popular for it's large roots of a silk cotton tree running along the gallery. After a long day, we decided to return to hotel at around 3:30pm to rest and be ready for a dinner buffet in Jasmine Angkor Restaurant with a matching traditional Apsara dance show. We were all excited about the dinner and the Cambodian noodles, cake and ice cream were all good! We were there as early as 6:30 in the evening. On the buffet table, there were lots of chicken cooked in different style, also fishes, fruits and other desserts were present. Almost 8pm, the traditional dance show started. We left the place around 9 in the evening and that was the story of our third day in Cambodia.


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