Thursday, April 16, 2009

Cambodia Trip - The Final Days

11th of April 2009 is our fourth day in Cambodia. After a breakfast (for my entire stay in Cambodia, vegetable omelette is what I had for breakfast), the driver Barang took us to this wonderful place, the 'Cambodian Cultural Village'. I think it is the same to 'Nayong Pilipino' as what we have in Manila. The place was a representation of different Khmer villagers and their passionate for environmental protection. There was also a spot that was called 'The Judgement Tunnel' (which became an instant horror tour as the girls were shouting and were basically so afraid) that showed us the different ways of punishing Khmer people for any sins they committed. There were also miniatures of the different temples that can be found in Phnom Penh. Also, a wax museum was there, representing the former lives of the Khmer people and an illustration of the progress of their way of living. After that tour, we had our lunch again in KFC!

We immediately packed our bags and prepared ourselves for a long travel again back to Phnom Penh and bidding goodbye to Siem Reap. Our bus departed at 12:30 in the afternoon. At almost 7 in the evening, we arrived in the capital city of Cambodia and were picked up again by Sarom. We were so hungry that time and after we left our things inside our room in the hotel, we immediately ordered 'Luc Lac'. Luc lac is the most recommended dish in Cambodia and we all agreed that it was really deliciious! The three of us ordered Beef Luc lac and the other one got Fish Luc lac. The taste was really satisfying and I promised myself to look for any Khmer restaurant in Singapore. After that fulfilling dinner, we went back to our room to sleep and that wrapped up our fourth day of stay in Cambodia. Our fifth day was basically about travelling. After a quick breakfast, Sarom brought us to the airport and made our way back to Singapore. It was a wonderful and an amazing trip and vacation at the same time in Cambodia.

Facts I have learned about Cambodia: First, in Siem Reap, constructing a building higher than the Angkor Wat is not allowed. This is for giving respect to the holy temple. Second, people in Cambodia were mostly known as Khmer and their country domain for the internet is dot KH (.kh). Third, KFC Cambodia celebrated it's 1st year anniversary last 11th of April so the KFC foods were new to them. Fourth, there is no Starbucks in Cambodia and it ruined my collection of City Mugs!!! There was this store that only sells Starbucks coffee but not an entire franchise of the popular cafe. Fifth, if you see two men holding hands while walking, you shouldn't think about gayness. It's their way of being friendly and being nice to other people. Lastly, while browsing TV channels inside the hotel, I saw a Pinoy soap opera dubbed in Khmer language, it was Bituin (the defunct soap opera in ABS-CBN which starred Nora Aunor, Carol Banawa, Desiree Del Valle and Cherie Gil). Also, a movie of Cesar Montano and Dayanarra Torres was also shown there (of course dubbed in their native language). A staff from Siem Reap hotel informed us that Pinoy movies and soap operas are famous in their country.

For more pictures you may visit my photobucket site here. Pictures in this site were mostly views and scenes of places in Cambodia. If you want to see pictures with our faces, hehehe, it is available in my Friendster and Facebook account, just add me:


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