Monday, April 20, 2009

Chef Ann for Lunch

Yesterday after cleaning my room (I will be having a visitor on Thursday night), I met my good friend Ann Yamat in Cold Storage supermarket in Northpoint, Yishun. She's been working in Singapore for over three months now and it was our first time to meet. The original plan of meeting was 10:30am until it became 12 noon. I just had Chips Ahoy and a coffee shake as pre lunch foods. Inside the store, Ann bought fish fillet, tau kwa, chicken parts, wine and other recipes for the meal. Afterwards, we went to their place in Admiralty, she is staying in North Oaks Condominium, the place is really nice. When I entered their unit, there was only one thing I told to myself... "my HDB unit is bigger that theirs... hahaha".

Anyway, we immediately started the cooking process around 1 in the afternoon. I was frying tau kwa and fish fillet that were dipped in flour while Ann was marinating the chicken. I became curious on Ann's onion and garlic slicers, they were quite nice and interesting. Ann started to cook Adobo and I got some tips from her. She simmered it until the sauce thickens. Then she prepared the sauce for the fried tau kwa and fish fillet, she was trying to imitate the 'Fish and Tofu' meal from Chowking, hehehe...

Then the final moment came, Ann's sister Jeng prepared the table. Around 3:30 in the afternoon, we started to QA the finish product. The verdict, they were all good and delicious. Honestly, Chicken Adobo is tastier than Fish and Tofu but both were really satisfying. Jeng was continuously putting rice on my plate so I have no choice but to eat them... hehehe... It was another "Diet Another Day'. I also tasted a cheesecake that Ann also prepared as our dessert.

Eventhough the lunch was really late, still we were all satisfied and thankful for the wonderful meal that we had. Ann toured me inside their condo vicinity and I must say, the place is really cool and great. I left their place before 5 in the afternoon and prepared myself for a long jogging routine in Yishun Park.


aybs said...

waaaaah inggit ako! oo masarap magluto si Chef Ann, sana ipagluto nya kami pag dating namin!!

carlomalbas said...

uu... grabe sarap magluto ni Chef Ann... madami kang makukuhang tips... magrequest kyo ke Ann pagdating nyo... tapos swimming daw tayo sa condo nila... hehehe

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