Friday, April 24, 2009

Let's Get Political

Even I am 1,476 miles away from the Philippines (based from Mabuhay Miles calculation), I am still updated with the current events and political news from my home country and most of them were bad. The latest was the acquittal of Lance Cpl Daniel Smith on Nicole rape case. I really don't know what went wrong and what to believe. The big news came out in 2005 when Nicole claimed that she was raped at the back of van last 1st of November 2005 and three other US servicemen that were involved were cheering. But now, Nicole recanted her statement just this 8th of March and telling that she wasn't really sure what happened that night as she was really drunk. What the f*ck???!!! Where is Nicole now? She is currently in the USA and living a happy life. We cannot ignore the fact that her recantation made a big impact on the new decision issued by the Court of Appeals – and it is final. Does the government have a part on this new unsatisfying event? I won't be surprise if another remarks or adjective terms will be given out to the Philippines, such as nation of liars? Remember that our country was tagged as "nation of servants" by a Hong Kong journalist last month? What image are we portraying to the world?

Another irritating news is the never ending issue on charter change. Personally, I am not in favor to this idea. It is clearly visible that several government officials want to extend their term to hold power and use it in any other way they want. There is no problem with our constitution, what the main problem is the attitude of those who are governing us. If only 100% of our politicians are honest, true to their will to serve and God fearing, then there will be no issue and the nation will live a peaceful life, no more poor people, no more Filipinos will have to leave the country to work overseas and for sure there will be a low crime rate. Changing the constitution is not the answer.

The never ending battle against Abu Sayyaf Group really sucks! Way back from the Sipadan hostage crisis until to the ICRC problem, the government still did not learn their lessons. Why do they have to make an all out war when there is a hostage crisis? Why when there was no problem like this they did not put much effort for a total liquidation of that group? There was a report that the latest freed man Andreas Notter was left behind by his captors because most of the ASG members were in a rush to get away from the sight of the military. But there was a speculation that there was a ransom paid. There was a news that a group of people were searching for a high caliber arms in the black market and it occurred right after the "so-called-release" of Notter. In this factor, I also don't know what to believe but I'm hoping that there was really no ransom paid. After the crisis, I hope the government will put an end to Abu Sayyaf.


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