Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Tourists: The GG Girls

Last 24th of April at 12:45 in the morning, I picked up my college friend Gemma and her officemate Gaile from the airport, they stayed with me for 3 days and became tourists here in Singapore and they had a sidetrip in Kuala Lumpur. After arriving in my room, they put their bags into the walk-in closet and I have received some "pasalubongs". They gave me a dozen Krispy Kreme doughnuts and 4 boxes of Max's Caramel Bar. We all slept immediately as we had only 4 hours to sleep.

After having our breakfast, we headed to the MRT and alight at the City Hall station. Our first stop was in Esplanade and Merlion Park. There, the GG girls took some pictures. We really didn't take much time in the park as it was very hot so we decided to make our way to the Singapore Flyer. At first, they were so afraid to look down from the tube of the flyer. They just sat there and observed but eventually, they became comfortable and took some pictures. It was a one round of turn that took us 30 minutes to enjoy the view of Singapore's skyline.

We had our lunch in Vivocity then we went to the Aeroline office to book tickets for their KL trip. Afterwards, the girls bought tickets for the cable car going to Sentosa. I wasn't able to join them as I had to go to work by 2pm. The girls enjoyed their stay in Sentosa and even got the chance to have a picture with the monks. They also watched the famous 'Songs of the Sea' show. At around 9:30pm, they made a quick visit in Clark Quay and because they were really tired that moment, they just decided to go home. When I entered my room that night, they were already sleeping.

On their second day, we woke up a little late so we had a quick breakfast then run into Jurong Birdpark. They bought the 3 in 1 park hopper tickets. They made their way to the park as I waited for them outside. It took them almost two hours to roam it. Snow City was the next destination we went to. We were all delighted as the feeling was so cold after a very hot temperature in the park. We made a three rounds of sliding on the ice and we really enjoyed it. We hurried to Vivocity and they took their steps inside the Aeroline bus for a long trip going to KL.

They arrived at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia at 6:30pm and checked into the Corus Hotel. The girls immediately went out to pose in front of the famous Petronas Towers. Gaile met her uncle who is working in KL. The girls toured around the KLCC mall and bought some souvenir items. Their departure the next day was 9 in the morning and I met them again in Bugis MRT station to take them to the "tiangge" site here in Singapore. The girls took a total of 3 plastic bags each of "pasalubong" items.

Due to very short of time, I took all those items and they made their trip to Singapore Zoo and Night Safari. After I put all the souvenir items they bought from Bugis, I hurried to Lucky Plaza to buy the fragrance as requested by the girls. The girls made a quick tour inside the zoo and had almost 1.5 hours inside the Night Safari. The time was indeed really short and they were already in the house at 9:30pm and packed all their things. I helped them with their things until they were inside the taxi, they told me that it was okay not to bring them upto the airport as they were fine and very thankful. More tourists/visitors to come in the coming months...

More pictures from Gemma's multiply site.


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