Sunday, May 24, 2009

Cooking 101: Palitaw

Finally, the ingredients are complete. I found time cooking this Philippine delicacy today. The procedures were quite simple and it was really easy. The ingrediens were also easy to find in any supermarket and it maybe available on your own kitchen. You just need 3 cups of sticky rice flour, 1 1/2 cups of water, coconut flakes, 1 cup of sugar and 1/4 cup of sesame seeds (toasted).

At first, you just need to combine the flour and water then blend it thoroughly. Put some flour on your hands then shape dough into egg-size ovals then flatten it with thumb. Afterwards, drop them into boiling water and wait for it to float then scoop it out from the water. Roll in coconut flakes and serve it with sugar mixed with the toasted sesame seeds. Alas, you have something to eat in just those simple steps.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Near "Blast" Experience

Yesterday morning was a big surprise not only for me but also for the entire employee of our company. I was quite surprised as I entered the office there were already a lot of staffs knowing that it was only 9 in the morning and it was really surprising because usually there were only a few of us comes to the office as early as that. Then suddenly a Pinoy officemate sent me a message via YM that there was an on going termination and I really don't know the exact reasons for that process. Some of them were informed that there was a corporate meeting but it was only intended for those who are in the "magic list" but the truth was that they have to talk with the "bosses" with regards to the status of their employment. I was so nervous at that time because I might receive a bad news but thank God there was still a shining light on me. I saw a teary eyed staff and I knew it from then that she was one of the selected people to leave the company and I was shocked. Then on the other side was another woman in a sad face and was in the emotion of disbelief. I really don't know how should I feel that time. It was a mixed emotion, I was happy as I am still in the company and was sad to see others in pain. There was a Pinay who was belonged to the list and that was really terrifying but she was strong enough to face it and still in the positive atmosphere. It was such an intriguing morning that was filled with "meetings" in every corner of the office. I felt so sad and so sorry to those who are jobless now, 3 Singaporeans, 1 Indian, 1 Indonesian, 1 Filipina and another one but I didn't have a clue who was it. On the other side I felt secured that time and can't deny that I was happy but still thrilled and nervous inside. Well, this is life, everything has it's reasons and only God knows what will be the better things for us.

Friday, May 22, 2009

The Return of the Movie Review

It's been a while since I post my movie review here in my blog. I was quite busy and can you imagine that I only had 1 movie per month??? Well it's time for the revenge. Anyway, here are the latest(?) movies that I have watched so far. :(

1. Bride Wars - Well, Anne Hathaway was really hot on this film. Honestly, I enjoyed this movie as it was really funny. My favorite part was the dance number, it was really steaming hot and I didn't have any idea that Anne knew how to dance. But kudos also to Kate as both of them really did a nice job on that part. Acting wise for both Anne and Kate are nothing spectacular. They were simply being themselves and what they offered are sufficient enough to portray the two main characters. The sparks are definately there and they seem to be having fun making this movie. This helps to tie in with the image of both of them being childhood best friends in the movie. The director was successful on colorfuly narrating the different personalities of the two brides by putting more touch on the emotional aspect. It is a light hearted movie that I think most of the couple can relate, from the proposal to preparations to the final day. Also, you will feel the other side of true friendship, from being bestfriends to wrostfriends, on how to struggle differences and to wrap up things to work it out and in return to reclaim the good relationship. There wasn't really a tremendous aspect about this movie but the most important thing is that I enjoyed watching it.

2. Knowing - Since I love those films which are excellent in delivering visual effects, I'm a fan of this one. In my opinion, the story was overused and there were slow parts that can be shortened but still, it was pretty interesting. We can't deny that Cage is really a good actor and he impressed me again on this movie, he was indeed borned for this role. I was really disappointed with the ending, they should have better idea on how it was ended rather than presenting the existence of aliens or unexplainable type of humanity. I was really excited from the start and I can't deny that overall, the movie was excellent BUT I wasn't really impressed by the ending. The direction was really good, some scenes were creepy especially the plane crash scene. As of writing, the movie is currently on the number 10 for the top grossing movie of the year which has a worldwide box office returns of $145,643,567 over the movie's budget was $50,000,000.

3. X-Men Origins: Wolverine - During my last vacation in Manila, a friend of mine had already a copy of this movie even if it wasn't commercially release yet. At first, I watched the first 10 minutes of it on a laptop but I eventually realized that the movie was better be seen in a big screen and I was ultimately right! I wasn't disappointed by this movie. It has a greater intense than of the X-Men movie because this time, it was focused on Wolverine. The actions scenes were spectacular and no doubt on the capacity of Jackman as an actor. Jackman successfully portrayed and was damn good reprising his role. My favorite scene was the fight/action scene between Wolverine and Gambit, the effects were creatively done. Kudos also to the makeup/art direction department for the wonderful outcome of the totality of the movie. This is one of the best films of the year.

Lunch at Ghim Moh

Exactly one week ago, last Friday, 15th of May I went out for lunch in Ghim Moh with officemates Arlene, Ces and Cambodia travelmates Vinia, Razel and Gilyn. I was first hesitant to go with them as it was really hot outside but good thing there was a free shuttle going to that place. We went first to this stall but it was close until 3pm so we looked for other place and found ourselves on the other side of this big hawker. We ordered Seafood Rice, Kai Lan, Cereal Prawn Shrimp and Prawn Paste Chicken.

Everybody enjoyed the food and it seems like we were eating dishes from a fine dining restaurant. The area wasn't that bad at all and we just concentrated on our foods. They were all good and delicious! The total bill was S$56.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Phase!

It is not easy to hold on to something that you aren't sure if it really belongs to you. Even how hard you fight, how much you sacrifice and how much the level of trust and confidence you gave for it. But we have these reasons and arguments that we always present to the one involved. We try to explain and give necessary evidence just to prove something. We even sometimes ask for more time and space for unnecessary and unavoidable situation. But we are all just human, it is normal to feel tired, to be hurt, to get mad or angry. It is better just to give up instead of continuous and never ending fights. It is better because you will feel relieved and free from more pains. On the brighter side, after so many deliberations and aches you will feel, in the end, it will keep you stronger and have more faith. Maybe now isn't the right time but who knows when the time will come, better days will be visible and you will be the happiest person in the world. It is not the end for every failure but just the beginning of a new chapter in your life, a chapter you will fulfill with memories whether good or bad. I guess this is the phase for moving on and moving forward and change plans if necessary... :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Triumph and Awareness

Yes, Manny Pacquiao won the battle against Ricky Hatton and Filipinos around the world celebrated for this. I woke up a bit late last Sunday but still I was able to watch the fight but only on YouTube. It was tagged as "War of the Worlds: Battle of the East and West", I was delighted to the news that he knocked out Hatton only on the second round. The fight was intensed even if it was short and I wonder what was the reaction of the sponsors especially those on the commercial lineups. Again, I am so proud of being a Filipino and Pacman put again the Philippines on the map of the world. He is now the best pound for pound fighter and others say he is the best fighter of all time. Just one note, I really hate how Martin Nievera sang the National Anthem. I totally agree with NHI's (National Historic Institute) call to Mr. Nievera for a public apology.

On other note, we are all aware now that a new virus is threating the world, it is the AH1N1 or widely known as swine flu. Here in Singapore, all necessary precautions are being held. Just last night before I enter the Fusionopolis building where I will have my workout in Fitness First, a temperature screening surprised me. You have to queue and wait for your turn to check your temperature before entering the building premises. I have written my name on a sheet and a building staff put something on my ear (I don't know how to call it) and it presented my temperature that time and it was 36.5 so I passed the screening. I think 39 degrees is the minimum level to be suspected. It's a good thing that there is no confirmed cases yet in Singapore and in the Philippines. I still believe that the best protection against sickness is proper diet and regular exercise.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Cooking 101: Beef Luc Lac

I just finished cooking the best food I have ever tasted when I was in Cambodia last month. It was called Beef Luc Lac. The ingredients were quite easy and the cooking directions were no sweat. While writing this post, I am currently having my lunch and the Luc Lac is just besides me. Anyway, I forgot to prepare the ingredients for the sauce which is the vinaigrette sauce where you have to mix vinegar wine, lemon juice, garlic, pepper, shallots and mustard. But even without this sauce, the flavor of Luc Lac was still preserved. If you want to cook this and try its real Khmer flavor, just follow the preparation methods:

1. You have to marinate first the beef (1kg) with soy sauce, fish sauce, sugar, salt and pepper with 1 teaspoon each.
2. Prepare the flavoring sauce by mixing water (1 cup) with 1 teaspoon each of vinegar, sugar, salt and cornstarch.
3. The cooking process starts by heating up a pan and when it is hot, put oil then add garlic, onion and the marinated beef. After 5 minutes of mixing the beef and the sauted oil, you just have to add the stirred water you prepared on item number 2 and cook the beef until tender or until the sauce thickens.

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